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incite Video Gaming


incite Video Gaming is a monthly magazine devoted entirely to coverage of console games. Like incite PC Gaming (and the Electronic Gaming Monthly of the time), it featured a great deal of non-traditional coverage, including celebrity interviews and humor features that had little to do with games.


It was half of the massive media blitz that surrounded the launch of Computec Media's incite brand. Like its sister magazine, its editorial staff was largely headhunted from other game magazines and sites -- editor-in-chief Greg Rau and deputy EIC David Hodgson were from Gamers' Republic, and other staffers came from GamePro, GameFan and Ultra Game Players.

Every issue except for the last one featured a celebrity on the cover. Video Gaming, in particular, seemed to love covering WWF stars, putting The Rock and Chris Jericho on two separate covers and featuring at least some wrestling content in every issue.

The magazine ended publication unannounced in the August 2000 issue, following the abrupt closing of Computec Media USA in late June. Although editor-in-chief Rau left the industry not long afterward, most of the staff remains in the game industry, either as editors, freelance writers or developers.

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    Title:incite Video Gaming
    Editor: Greg Rau
    Categories: Console games and systems
    Frequency: Monthly
    Publisher: Computec Media USA
    Country: United States
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