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Indie Game Magazine


Indie Game Magazine was an ongoing magazine dedicated to the indie game scene. While originally focused on indie game players, the magazine later began balancing player and developer content with its relaunch.

IGM was primarily a bi-monthly or monthly publication throughout it's lifetime, having taken an extended hiatus during 2013-2014. Like many modern niche gaming mags, it doesn't appear to have been available via news stand but instead was available digitally and via print-on-demand. The magazine was originally published by which still operates today.

Masthead history: Indie Game Mag, IGM Indie Game Mag, IGM The Indie Game Magazine, The Indie Game Magazine, Indie Game Magazine.

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    Title:Indie Game Magazine
    Categories: Console/Portable/Computer video games
    Frequency: Monthly
    First Issue: Winter 2008
    Final Issue: December 2015
    Country: United States
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