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MegaFan is an infrequently-published magazine that was only available at newsstands. A spinoff of Metropolis Media's GameFan, the magazine was primarily devoted to arcade coverage and in-depth game strategy, similar to the EGM2 and Tips & Tricks of the time.


The magazine debuted as a special sample issue packed in with newsstand copies of GameFan's June 1996 edition. Besides its focus on arcade games and strategy, its chief gimmick was its small size -- about the size of Reader's Digest -- allowing for more pages and ostensibly making it easier to read in secret during class.

The first real issue appeared in late 1996, with Crash Bandicoot on the cover. However, slow sales caused MegaFan (which was meant to be bimonthly) to disappear without a trace until the summer of 1997, when it was re-launched as a regular-sized strategy magazine without the arcade coverage. This reincarnation only lasted two issues before it, too, was shut down.

MegaFan Index

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1996 0 1
1997 2 3

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    Editor: David Hodgson
    Categories: Arcade games/strategy
    Frequency: Special
    First Issue: November 1996
    Final Issue: November 1997
    Publisher: Metropolis Media
    Country: United States

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