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Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine


Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine (usually abbreviated to ODCM) was a magazine devoted entirely to the Sega Dreamcast and its games and accessories. It was the only Dreamcast-exclusive mag in the US apart from Ziff Davis's DCM specials, and like the other "official" game mags, its main selling point was the disc of game demos and previews included with each issue.

Unlike with the Official Xbox Magazine, Future did not have exclusive worldwide rights to the "official" name. While it handled ODCM in Germany and other European countries, Dennis Publishing produced the magazine in the UK, while the rights to a never-realized Australian edition bounced between several publishers before the Dreamcast's demise. Dennis' UK edition lasted the longest, closing in July 2001 after 21 issues.


Like OXM, ODCM launched alongside the Dreamcast's American release on September 9, 1999, with a special preview issue distributed earlyer at that year's Electronic Entertainment Expo and on newsstands. Unlike OXM, the magazine featured a fairly avant-garde design, evoking European industry mags like Edge and looking remarkably fresh and clean compared to its competition. (Editor-in-chief Simon Cox would later take largely the same design sensibilities to his next magazine, Xbox Nation, along with the rest of the Ziff Davis stable.)

Although the magazine was well-supported by Sega fans, it was closed with the March/April 2001 issue after Sega withdrew Dreamcast support and there was nothing left to put on the demo disc.

Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine Index

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Hol
1999 0 1 2
2000 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
2001 11 12

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    Title:Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine
    Editor: Simon Cox, Chris Charla
    Categories: Sega video games and accessories
    Frequency: Bimonthly-ish
    First Issue: September 1999
    Final Issue: March/April 2001
    Publisher: Imagine Media
    Country: United States

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