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Super Gaming


Super Gaming is a seasonal magazine devoted entirely to import (i.e. Japanese) video games, although this focus changed with the last issue. It was the first U.S. magazine of its kind, although British console magazines were used to reviewing Japanese carts even by this point.


Here is how Sendai advertised Super Gaming in their own magazines:

Are you the type of video game player who has always wanted to know about the latest games and systems but could never find a magazine devoted entirely to what's new and in the future? Not just games for the Genesis, Turbo and Nintendo, but also previews of Japanese titles that won't arrive on these shores for years -- if ever!

Now the editors of Electronic Gaming Monthly, always the first word in video games, has created a magazine especially for you! Super Gaming will take you where no other game magazine has ever gone before, with the latest news and game previews for your Sega 16-bit, NEC or Nintendo systems! With Super Gaming you will know about the hottest carts of tomorrow today, as well as new developments and game systems!

In other words, Super Gaming was a miniature version of Electronic Gaming Monthly, just like Mega Play and Super NES Buyer's Guide, except that it covered nothing but Japanese games. Each issue includes previews, tricks, in-depth features, and its very own Review Crew that covered nothing but imports for the Famicom, Super Famicom and PC Engine.

Unfortunately, this coverage meant that the only advertisers interested in such a magazine were mail-order shops that specialized in Japanese games. The magazine failed to become a marketplace success, and so with the third issue Super Gaming repositioned itself as a "video game preview" magazine, with early coverage of both Japanese and American games. This failed to make much of a difference, though, and the magazine folded after four issues.

Super Gaming Index

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1991 1 2 3
1992 4

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    Title:Super Gaming
    Editor: Steve Harris
    Categories: Import games and hardware
    Frequency: Seasonal
    First Issue: Summer 1991
    Final Issue: Spring 1992
    Publisher: Sendai Publishing
    Country: United States

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