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Found 54 results

  1. I've decided to part ways with my beloved Nintendo Power collection. I always adored the magazines (especially the early issues) for such awesome, creative covers. I have about 82 issues, most of which are volumes 1-91. Most are in great shape but some have worn spines, small rips, etc. Volumes for Sale: 3, 5-6, 8-12, 14-19, 21-40, 42-65, 67-73, 76, 78, 80, 81,89, 91,126,261,283,284 Please email me which volume(s) you are interested in and a potential offer. I will reply with the condition of the volume(s) and we can discuss the final price. Note: I have these volumes but probably not going to sell them: 1,7,20,66,74,79,90 Most magazines do not have the poster but ask and I will confirm for you. I still have many posters loose and in good shape, so if interested ask for them (I will list them later). Thanks for looking! God bless!
  2. Hi Chaps, I'm selling all my Retro/Classic NES, Nintendo Gameboy, N64 & Dreamcast items on ebay - mostly 0.99 auctions that end on Sunday 10th February. All shipping is at cost price (or less) & I ship anywhere. View all the items here: View seller feedback here: And here's a quick montage of what's on offer for anyone who doesn't want to click away: Hope something is of interest to someone out there! regards, - Will
  3. Hey guys, it's been a while, but I've finally got a new scan ready to download. (drumroll) It's the April 1999 issue of Nintendo's official UK magazine, featuring reviews for Beetle Adventure Racing, Castlevania 64 and Monaco Grand Prix, as well as previews of Quake II, Pokemon Pinball and Hey You, Pikachu. Also, more instances of the word "yer" than you've ever seen in your life. I've popped up a few low-res preview pages on imgur (below) and you can grab the CBR file from the MediaFire link beneath them. Enjoy! http://www.mediafire...r8d67/nom79.cbr Size: 181 MB Format: CBR Resolution: 300 DPI
  4. Back on November 16th 2006 I stood in line outside my local Bestbuy waiting for a chance to buy a Nintendo Wii. I cared nothing about the PS3 launch that was happening the same week, and years earlier I ignored the launch of the Xbox 360. All I knew is that I would own a Nintendo Wii on launch day, and thats what I set out to accomplish. I believe that I ended up with two controllers, two nunchucks, two classic controllers, and 4 games. Within a week I was the most popular house for people to visit, people loved coming over to play some Wii Bowling. It was obvious that I was going to need an additional two controllers. So I did what anyone would do, I went out and bought the remaining two controllers. When Nintendo launched the Wii Motion Plus add-ons last year, I had my girlfriend buy me 4 of them for my birthday. Now after THREE years of the Wii being around, Nintendo decides to finally add some additional colors for the controllers? Seriously Nintendo this is lame, you are not being cute or funny with this. You and I both know that after 3 years of being around....and having multiplayer titles such as Mario Kart Wii, Wii Sports Resort and others.....that we all have 4 controllers. You should have launched colored controllers WAAAAY earlier in this consoles lifetime. This is just another way to siphon $150 out of my pocket. Congradulations! It worked When I opened up my Bestbuy circular this past weekend and saw that you launched a Blue Wii remote AND a Pink Wii longer could I ignore the Black Wii remote you lauched last year. The need to have different color controllers overtook me, and I purchased 3 more Wii remotes to add to the 5 white ones I already have. Why do I have 5 white Wii remotes? Well because you gave me a free one when I bought Wii Play. I wont even go into how much that game stunk here. Anyways, now I am going to have to put these extra controllers up on Ebay/Craigslist to try and recoup some of the cost. One question remains though, you finally decided to provide colored Wii remotes, but you couldnt get the Wii Motion Plus or sleeve to match? Only the black Wii remote has a matching jacket and Motion Plus. Again are you going to wait until we buy these ones, and then introduce the matching colored Wii Motion Plus accessory? Many of you may be questioning why I want the colored controllers. Well I like being able to distinguish our controllers if we both place them down for a quick break. Sure I could put labels on them, but most of the time my controllers are inside of the Wii Wheel accessory. I do quite a bit of Mario Kart Wii each week, and those races can get pretty heated. Most of my guests will drop their controller in anger when I blue shell them 10 feet from the finish line and steal first place. Now due to my awesome skills in Mario Kart Wii, I am pretty sure that a few of my controllers are "mis-calibrated", and knowing that I have an "adult owned" controller that is not fugged one of my keys to winning at Mario Kart. With these new colors, I will be reserving the black Wii Remote for my exclusive use. While on the topic of the Wii Wheel, should I expect that you will be releasing a black, blue and pink version of those also? Ohhhh Nintendo you sure know how to drain my wallet dry