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CD-ROM Unauthorized Game Secrets, Volume 2


Want to know all the insider tips and winning strategies for computer games like The 11th Hour, Full Throttle, and The Dig? Debating which games are worthy of your time? Find all the answers you're searching for to twenty of today's hottest games in CD-ROM Unauthorized Game Secrets, Volume 2.

This comprehensive guide will help you solve the mysteries and unlock the secrets to a multitude of popular games, such as Phantasmagoria, Buried in Time, and Under a Killing Moon. With walkthroughs, maps, hints, and penetrating reviews, the Condor who gave you a birds-eye view of other favorite games in CD-ROM Game Secrets, Volume 1 shows you how to master each game you choose to tackle.Inside CD-ROM Unauthorized Game Secrets, Volume 2, you'll find:

  • Concise plot summaries for each game reviewed
  • Flythroughs that show you the shortest path to victory
  • Expert rankings detailing highlights of each game
  • ...and much more!



    Title:CD-ROM Unauthorized Game Secrets, Volume 2
    Month: March
    Year: 1996
    Publisher: Prima
    Length: 336
    Cost: 1995
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    UPC: 9780761502685

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