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Deathmatch Manifesto



OK, you took out all the bad boys in QuakeDukeHexex, and DOOM. So what? Your REAL enemies are those guys out there on the Net kickin' your butt in Deathmatch and Dukematch.

The Deathmatch Manifesto shows you how to be one badass hombre in the 3D-game world and on the Net.

No matter how good you think you are, Deathmatch Boot Camp's gonna make you better. Here's your survival guide:

  • Win alone or as part of a "clan"
  • Master the infamous "circle strafe," and do it right every time
  • Learn tactics that find and frag snipers...then set up your own ambushes
  • Recognize every dirty Deathmatch trick...and then use them yourself
  • Study strategies for multi-player group (clan) combat
  • Understand the strengths and secrets of the weapons in your arsenal
  • Find new friends...and enemies!...on the Net
  • Elevate your rank in the best Deathmatch levels around

Set up your player grid in seconds! Play Deathmatch modem to modem, over a LAN, and over the Internet. A special section on Quake's TCP/IP capabilities tells you how to set up a Deathmatch server painlessly.


The Fragmeister's Ultimate CD. Looking for the best Duke Nukem and Quake Deathmatch levels? Here they are! Included is a FREE CD every warrior must own--over 50 new Dukematch levels, over 100 new Quake levels, an exclusive DOOM-to-Duke level converter, Mplayer sign-on software, PLUS video walk-throughs of every level of DOOMDOOM 2Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition, and Quake. No "survival guide" or add-on comes close to this FREE CD for the readers of The Deathmatch Manifesto.

Written by Robert E. Waring; forward by Bruce Campbell, AKA "Ash" of Evil Dead and Army of Darkness.

NOTE: The .cbz file associated with this download includes the .iso for the accompanying CD-ROM. Open it like an ordinary .zip file using your favorite compression utility like 7zip or WinRAR, and you can extract the DEATHMATCH.ISO to its own directory, where it can be burnt to a CD-R or mounted using your favorite virtual drive software. :)



    Title:Deathmatch Manifesto
    Month: January
    Year: 1997
    Publisher: Sybex
    Length: 248
    Cost: $19.99
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    UPC: 9780782120479

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