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Found 14 results

  1. That's right, a Christmas double-header for all you Retro-maniacs. Pretty much everyone has a favorite holiday-themed tune they listen to this time of year. This one's especially for all you Scrooges out there (myself included) who work retail and thus have to put up with a non-stop litany of Christmas songs starting the day after Thanksgiving. So, to ask it simply: What's your favorite holiday song? It can be classic or contemporary, secular or religious, commercialized or traditional, cover or original, well-known or ridiculously obscure. Post a link so the rest of us can listen, especially if you're into one particular person or band's interpretation of a well-known tune. I'll start us off this time around. I've loved this song ever since I was a little girl, and the album it's off of is one of the few Christmas albums I can listen to without wanting to start hurling things through windows. This is John Denver singing "Noel: Christmas Eve, 1913" off the album 'John Denver & The Muppets: A Christmas Together': Honourable mentions: 'O Holy Night' by The Lettermen 'Snowfall Music' by Carbon Leaf 'Better Days' by Goo Goo Dolls 'Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy' by Bing Crosby & David Bowie 'Last Christmas' by Wham *huggles* Areala
  2. By this point, everyone no matter where they live should have opened any presents they received for any kind of December-based holiday celebrations (and some of you are in time zones where they're already celebrating Boxing Day). So, simple question to round out the year: What Did You Get? Let's see some ridiculous loot bragging and declarations of retro-themed joy all up in here. Or, alternately, what didn't you receive that you really wanted? *huggles* Areala
  3. Boy, I fell behind on these things didn't I? Today's question is quite simple: Do you read newspaper comics (either in the newspaper or online or in book form), and if so, what is/was your favorite? In this case, a newspaper comic is a serial strip that ran in the papers, anything from Garfield and Peanuts to King Valiant and Dick Tracy. Speak to me, my beloved Retromags denizens. Your Goddess requests. *huggles* Areala
  4. TWO 'Areala Asks' questions this week? What sorcery is this?! Well, to be honest, I'm not really sure. Let's find out together, Retro-nuts. Today's other question is: "What video game do you wish you could re-experience for the first time, and why?" Let's face it, after a while, most games lose their lustre. Stuff that scared us senseless in 1997 is now so familiar that we barely stifle the yawn as we run down the hall between the shambling corpses that gave us nightmares in the first Resident Evil. Levels that seemed so infinite and sprawling with their numerous secrets in Doom we can now navigate in the dark. People are so familiar with Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! that they've turned to playing it while blindfolded. Story surprises, twist endings, and legendary battles are only new once. Thus: one game. One choice. You get to re-live the excitement, the stress, the shock, the awe, the wonder, of playing it again for the first time. Name that game. *huggles* Areala
  5. Hello, Retromags denizens. It is I, your lovely retro goddess, descending once again from on high to ask you a question which will feel compelled to answer. This one should be fun for all. Wrestling stars have entrance theme music to introduce them to the ring prior to a match. You don't have to be a wrestler, but assume you could choose one piece of music to be your 'entrance theme', played to announce your arrival whenever it would be appropriate (or inappropriate, I suppose, depending on your desires): what piece of music do you pick? Feel free to link a YouTube video so the rest of us can imagine your intro theme whenever you show up in a new thread. Are you the type who feels the need to hype everybody up with the theme song from Rocky? Are you some kind of asshole who sees nothing wrong with inflicting the Macarena on the rest of the world each time you emerge from your apartment? Somewhere in between on the continuum? Let your intro theme fly! For a change, I'm grabbing mine right now so nobody else can claim it. My intro theme is 'Caramelldansen' as you've never heard it before: *huggles* Areala
  6. Crystal Pepsi is back, a Clinton is running for president, Boys II Men is on tour...what year is it again? So, the question is simple: now that Crystal Pepsi has returned, when do you plan to drink one? Vote in the poll, expound upon your answer in the comments, and be excellent unto each other (at least until next week, when this topic closes for good). *huggles* Areala
  7. A few iterations back, I asked readers to identify their personal candidate for worst SNES game. Well, I can't come up with anything better this week, so we're just going to try again with a different system. I want your personal pick for worst Genesis/Mega Drive title. As with the SNES one, it doesn't have to be objectively bad. I'm more interested in your personal experience and reason you loathe a particular game more than just saying, "Oh, it's gotta be 'Shaq Fu' because everyone hates that game, right?" Ponder, reflect, and write. We shall see who hated what and why! *huggles* Areala
  8. Now that we're through pondering mortality, let's get simple. One question, four choices, no regrets. What is your favorite season? See how easy that is? Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. Easy-peasy. Pick one and defend it. To the death, if necessary. Vote, then feel free to chime in with why you picked that choice! *huggles* Areala
  9. I must apologize, as I've been horribly busy the past couple of weeks and neglectful of my weekly posting duties. In celebration of it no longer being Canada Day, I present a new "Areala Asks" question for discussion. Today, my beloved, I simply want to know: Would you rather...? A - Know the time of your death, but not the manner in which you will expire or B - Know the way you're going to die, but have no idea when it will happen Note that with either option, nothing you can do will prevent your death. There are pros and cons to each one to consider, of course, so discussion is your only option. Which would you choose, and why? You have until July 10th at 10pm Eastern Time to post your response. Make me proud! *huggles* Areala
  10. This week, the red-haired one wants to know: what have you always wished you could see either in a video game, or turned into a video game? This could be something completely made up by you ('I always wanted to see a game where I played a kid who tried to take over his neighborhood, recruited his friends, and humiliated his enemies using nothing but fireworks!') or something based on a license that's never been done, or never been done right ('A Superman game that is actually fun!' or 'A fighting game set in the Star Wars universe that didn't smell of dead Tauntaun!'). This could even be a video game that was in the process of being made but was cancelled or only released in a territory where you didn't live (ie: An English version of 'Otogirisou' on the Super Nintendo; a complete release of 'Socks the Cat Rocks the House', etc...). It's your choice. You're in charge. What video game proposal would you be most likely to greenlight if you could get your way and be assured it kicked as much butt as you imagine it would? *huggles* Areala
  11. You've got at least one favorite joke, right? The one that no matter how many times you tell it or think about it, it's still gut-bustingly hysterical? Of course you do! You're a human being (or at least a competent cyborg). So welcome to Areala's Comedy Club, where the stage is open, and the spotlight is about to descend. You've got one chance to make the rest of the forum soil our collective underwear with laughter. Doesn't have to be a piece you made up, although if you're going to quote from a stand-up comic, it would be nice to get attribution if you know who said it originally. Please try to keep it reasonably clean. A curse word or two is probably OK, and a little bit of adult subject matter is fine as well, but if your joke involves malicious stereotyping or relies on dropping enough f-bombs to blow a hole to Uzbekistan, please pick a different one. Replies and feedback are encouraged, but please post only one joke. If you feel the need to post more, feel free to start your own humour thread. If something made you laugh, leave a like to show 'applause', and at the end of the week when the thread closes, whoever earned the most applause will walk away with a few hundred extra forum credits! (Retromags Staff not included, so Phillyman, E-Day and I cannot win). The mic will open at 9:00 AM EST on 13 May, and remain open until 10:00pm EST on 20 May. Get out there and show me what you got! This topic is going up a couple of days in advance so you can research and prepare. *huggles* Areala
  12. Assume you could sit down and share a delightfully charming lunch, dinner, tea, breakfast, coffee, etc... with any one person in the world, living or dead. This person need not be famous, but let's stick to real life (dinner with Conan O'Brien = fine; dinner with Conan the Barbarian = no). You have two hours. Who would you choose to meet, what made you choose that person, and what would you most want to discuss with them? As normal, this topic will remain open for seven days which means you have until the 31st to reply before this one is closed and a new one posted. *huggles* Areala
  13. I've spent plenty of time over the course of my life attacking and defending various NES games from the moniker "worst game for the system", but I've spent remarkably little time, if any, trying to determine the answer to this question. So help your resident Warrior Nun out and enter the fray. What IS the worst Super Nintendo game ever made, and why do you feel that way? This need not objectively be THE worst SNES game ever released, I'm actually more interested in personal experiences where a given Super Nintendo game just disappointed the hell out of you. A game can be objectively good but still rank as a horrible game for you for any number of reasons. An example would be Mortal Kombat: the Super NES version looks, sounds, controls, and plays better than the Genesis/Mega Drive version by any metric, but Nintendo's censorship policy neutered what should have been a kick-ass arcade-to-home experience and resulted in a huge failure. This is just an example. It's not my personal choice. So regale me with your tales of video game woe. What game for the Super Nintendo just sucked so bad it was irredeemable in your eyes? Was it a port gone wrong? Was the difficulty too absurd? The control not there? Could it not live up to the ad hype surrounding it? Did it touch you in the wrong place? Let's play the blame game. You've got one week, starting now, to post your replies, earn some credits, and get some hard-core bitching off your chest and into the open. Ready...Aim...FIRE!! *huggles* Areala
  14. In the interest of fostering some hopefully fun discussions here, I thought I'd start a project. We'll see how long I can keep up with it, but the basic idea is that every week, I'll post a new question in a new thread entitled "Areala Asks:" and then whatever your local resident Warrior Nun is curious about this week. You may answer with as much or as little information as you're comfortable. This is just an experiment to get people chatting, allow new users an easy way to add to their post count, and hopefully keep people coming back regularly. This week's question is: Do you now or did you in the past keep a diary, journal, blog, or other form of written personal log, regularly or irregularly updated? If so, what prompted you to start? If not, what keeps you from doing so? If you keep one online you'd like others to know about, feel free to link it so others can see what you're writing about if you're so inclined. Feel free to respond below. This topic will remain open from February 5 to February 13, at which time the thread will be closed to new comments and a new "Areala Asks" will be posted. *huggles* Areala
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