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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I just recently joined as I won a couple auctions for some issues of Computer Games Strategy Plus: No. 95 October 1998 No. 25 December 1992 No. 31 June 1993 No. 58 September 1995 (I can provide images of the eBay photos, I won't receive most of these until Monday 12th.) The reason I acquired these various issues is that I needed them for a documentary I've been working on about Impressions Games. I've been utilizing considerably and noticed that Computer Games Strategy Plus (among its various names over the years) is missing a ton of issues. So I'd like to help contribute by scanning these issues that I acquired. I work as a librarian professionally at a major university so I have access to some really nice scanners. Specifically, iVina A3 BookEdge Scanner FB6280E ( using software developed by KIC. They are specifically designed to digitize books among other things (like magazines!). Using the KIC software, it can automatically split images into separate pages with some pretty decent accuracy and up to around 600dpi. I can export into either PDF (Including searchable), PNG, and JPEG. However, I was reading "kitsunebi77's Guide to Magazine Preservation - Part 1: Pre-scan" and noticed the following: "Your magazine will be destroyed. Yes, Virginia, all the mags you see here are scanned the same way - by placing the loose, de-bound pages into an ADF document scanner or else onto a flatbed." You all have probably heard this song and dance a thousand times by now but I'd really like to not de-bound these magazines. However, would I still need to do this if I am using a BookEdge scanner? Has anyone had experience using them? Do they produce quality results with magazines? I'd love to have some support with this so I can properly contribute. Thank you!