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Found 10 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    The Ultimate Guide To Playstation Games
  2. Retromags Presents! The Ultimate Guide To Playstation Games (Gamepro Specials) Winter 1997 Database Entry! Download Directly! Scanned by Phillyman. Edited by Melki
  3. Author: Delton T. Horn ISBN: 0880560517 278 pages $10.95

    © 1984, dilithium Press

  4. Author: Jack B. Hardy ISBN: 0835901726 356 pages

    © 1984, Reston Publishing Company, Inc.

  5. Author: Tim Hartnell ISBN: 0345322452 440 pages $9.95

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  6. Authors: Jenny Tyler and Chris Oxlade ISBN: 0516370693 32 pages

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  7. Author: Ken Tracton ISBN: 0830610855 254 pages $6.95

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  8. Authors: Flint Dille & John Zurr Platten, Skip Press (ed.) ISBN: 158065066X 260 pages $19.95

    © 2007, Lone Eagle Publishing Company

  9. Author: David H. Ahl (ed.) ISBN: 0916688070 186 pages $7.50

    © 1978, Creative Computing Press

  10. If someone produces a fake video and plays it off as real, should they be held legaly responsible for injuries sustained by others who attempt to copy the actions without knowledge that it is faked. In today's society, a video can go "viral" in a matter of seconds. This means that it is seen by millions before it could ever be taken down. Realize also, it is a legal fact that once something is on the internet for longer then 3 seconds it is considered to be always available on the internet. Notice how the video in question "Megawoosh" does not have any disclaimer showing that someone should not try this at home. Based on my knowledge and experience in Personal Injury Law, I believe that this will be the new frontier for injury claims. Without a disclaimer (hey, even McDonalds Hot Coffee has a disclaimer that it is hot)or some other form of "Do Not Try This At Home" (even car commercials tell you that it is a stunt driver on a closed course), I believe that these people could be held accountable for injuries that are caused by people trying this at home. This leads to the next question, if video's on the internet are grounds for Personal Injury cases, does that mean that without proper warnings and disclaimers that video games could be next? All Comments are appreciated and I will attempt to answer any questions I receive.