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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, I just recently joined as I won a couple auctions for some issues of Computer Games Strategy Plus: No. 95 October 1998 No. 25 December 1992 No. 31 June 1993 No. 58 September 1995 (I can provide images of the eBay photos, I won't receive most of these until Monday 12th.) The reason I acquired these various issues is that I needed them for a documentary I've been working on about Impressions Games. I've been utilizing Archive.org considerably and noticed that Computer Games Strategy Plus (among its various names over the years) is missing a ton of issues. So I'd like to help contribute by scanning these issues that I acquired. I work as a librarian professionally at a major university so I have access to some really nice scanners. Specifically, iVina A3 BookEdge Scanner FB6280E (https://www.avision.com/motion.asp?lgid=2&menuid=10075&prodid=121298&cat=13) using software developed by KIC. They are specifically designed to digitize books among other things (like magazines!). Using the KIC software, it can automatically split images into separate pages with some pretty decent accuracy and up to around 600dpi. I can export into either PDF (Including searchable), PNG, and JPEG. However, I was reading "kitsunebi77's Guide to Magazine Preservation - Part 1: Pre-scan" and noticed the following: "Your magazine will be destroyed. Yes, Virginia, all the mags you see here are scanned the same way - by placing the loose, de-bound pages into an ADF document scanner or else onto a flatbed." You all have probably heard this song and dance a thousand times by now but I'd really like to not de-bound these magazines. However, would I still need to do this if I am using a BookEdge scanner? Has anyone had experience using them? Do they produce quality results with magazines? I'd love to have some support with this so I can properly contribute. Thank you!
  2. So I'm finally set up to start scanning for the site. I'm starting with 300dpi and TIFF formats, after some quick lurking taught me that's what is preferred. But now I've hit a block: figuring out the Internet Archive's system, finding a good (freeware?) PDF editor, also finding a streamlined way of dealing with 17x11 printer spreads. Internet Archive I'm planning of sending my spreads to both here and the archive, but I'm lost on the submission process. If I want the scans viewed in magazine form on the page viewer itself, do I need to upload each page individually? And do I need to provide the multiple formats myself? Freeware PDF I have Photoshop CS6 on my laptop, and I see it has a ability to export as .pdf, but can I build a multi-page document with it? This leads into my next question. Printer Spreads My first scan is a Japanese Saturn magazine, which uses the saddle-stitched 17x11 format. My mom is a printer, so she recognizes these as "printer spreads" and she says she may be able to use a program called PitStop to split up the 17x11 scans into regular pages without manually cropping each one. However, I don't want her to take up her work time and the program itself is expensive. So, knowing the plenty of old magazines were printed this way, are there any tips/processes that you guys would suggest to streamline the process?
  3. Howdy, folks. I've been accumulating a large amount of magazines, kept from my childhood and bought/preserved for blogging, and I'm looking to add to the database, as well as The Internet Archive. I skimmed the Scanning Guides but didn't see much in the way of efficiency, outside of individually scanning each page with a typical office scanner. What are the better solutions for getting started?
  4. Hello everyone, I was going through the Video Game Guides and noticed that Paper Mario: The Thousand Year door was missing. Finding it on other sites, I noticed that the quality of the scans were crap compared to some of the high quality scans I've seen on Retromags. I purchased the Official Guide from Nintendo Power Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, and my friend is coming over later today with her hair dryer so I can take apart the guide and scan each page individually with my own scanner. I was wondering who I might have to get in contact with in order to get this thing uploaded or sent in a winrar or zipped file after I'm done scanning them.
  5. Howdy! My name's Chris Rowley and as part of #GamerGate I'm working on creating a new game site. In the meantime I have being doing floods of ads from my collection of first gen mags. Looking to fill in a few holes I came upon your site and figured I could contribute. Doing a less than thorough browse I couldn't find a "Getting Started" guide. I have a complete collection of Electronic Fun and near complete runs of Electronic Games and Video Games. As I bought these from the newsstand as a teenager with no thought of preservation there is some aging as well as missing covers on a few. I am willing to take the staples out for better scans but here are my questions: If I pull the staples any advice on putting new ones in when I'm done? What resolution do you prefer for the images? Do you prefer me doing color correction or saving images "as is"? Can I submit pages one at a time or do you only want complete issues? Where do I upload the pages/issues? I have also found some of my missing issues on eBay and was wondering if there were other sites worth checking for mags from the pre-1985 era. Thanks! Chris
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