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Understanding how a quick calculation can keep this project organized.

The Retromags collection at the time of this tutorial is over 1300 releases. Therefore in order to keep a project of this size organized we ask that items submitted into our Download Manager are accompanied with an MD5 checksum value. These checksum values act as digital fingerprints of the files found at this site. This fingerprint does not change if you rename the file or change the file extension. Only by modifying the contents of the file will the checksum value change. For example, just changing one pixel of one page in our Nintendo Power Issue 1 file, would change the checksum value for that file.

So how do you calculate these checksum values?





Nothing to install, just open the web page and drag and drop the .CBR/.CBZ  or .PDF file into the box above (1) and 15 seconds later you should have a checksum value in the highlighted box (2).





MD5Checker is a free Windows based application that just unzips and runs from your PC. Again you just drag and drop your file onto the application and 10-15 seconds later the MD5 value appears. You are able to drag entire folders of files to be calculated for checksums with this program. It is also a portable application that can run off of a USB flash drive.





WinMD5 is yet another free program to generate MD5 checksum values, this application only does one file at a time though. Still works the same as above,  just drag and drop to get the checksum value. This program also can run off of a USB flash drive.

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