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The Slowdown

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Flight of the Humblebee




You already know the deal. The sale is coming to its end and you now have exactly one day left to purchase (…more copies of…) the “Humble Indie Bundleâ€:

Aquaria-160x120.jpgGish-160x120.jpgLugaru-160x120.jpgPenumbra-Overture-160x120.jpgWorld-of-Goo-160x120.jpgSamorost-2-160x120.jpgSomehow missed the bundle altogether?

Notably, for the duration of the campaign, Frictional Games are also offering the remaining two Penumbra games, Black Plague and Requiem, at a 75% discount. Furthermore, you can also preorder their forthcoming project, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, at 50% off (a great idea – the team will produce additional content if 2000 preorders are made before the 31st; the meter currently sits at an even 1900):

Amnesia-The-Dark-Descent-01-160x120.jpgAmnesia-The-Dark-Descent-02-160x120.jpgWhile you’re at it – and even if you’re not buying the bundle – please also remember to subscribe to Wolfire and Frictional Games’ development blogs; they contain what can only be described as a cornucopia of information, both intriguing and useful, for indie game fans and developers alike.

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