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    Version 1.0.0


    The G's stands for "girls" and that's just what you'll get. No Mario or Solid Snake in these pages, just lots and lots of bishoujo games, pretty much none of which were ever released outside of Japan. But that's what makes it interesting, hey?
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    Retromags Presents! Dengeki G's Magazine Issue 21 April 1999 Database Entry Download Directly
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    Mark contacted me. He is recuperating. Thanks to everyone for caring and being concerned.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Features: Ogre Battle 64 (22-page cover feature) Pokemon Gold & Silver Mario Golf 64 Shadowgate 64 Star Wars Episode I Racer ...and lots more
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    This isn't a "who's the coolest?" contest. A lot of us here are past the age when we're hip to all the latest musical trends. I don't care if you'd never even heard of Adele/Drake/Beyonce/whoever is currently at the top of the charts until just recently but think they're pretty neat, or if you'd never actually listened to a tune by the Beatles until the other day but now you can't get enough of them. Your pick can be popular or obscure, recent or classic. I just want to know - what singer/group did you recently discover for yourself that you're really into right now? As a bonus, I'd like to hear what led you to your discovery - recommendation from a friend, heard it on the radio, coincidentally caught their live show, etc. For me, it's a band called Nerd Magnet. I used to try to stay abreast Japanese rock music, but finding the good stuff amidst all the drek became too tedious and I pretty much gave up on the entire scene. Recently, a Japanese cover album of Motion City Soundtrack songs was released (MCS was one of my favorite bands), and the Nerd Magnet cover stood out to me. One quick trip to Youtube and I soon after bought their entire catalog of music. This is a really fun video, btw. See if you can guess all the famous album covers without peeking at the real ones in the background.
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    Thank you so much, textfiles! If you write back, do let him know we send our best wishes for a speedy recovery! *huggles* Areala
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    I look forward to your website's revival and reinvention as you follow through on your plan to scan and preserve all 50 years' worth of Cat Fancy magazine. Cat Fancy: 1965-2015 R.I.P
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    My website is currently down like I transition away from WordPress due to database corruption issues. I anticipate getting it back up in a few weeks.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Release Date: April 29th 2009 Release Size: 109 MB Release Format: CBR (Comic Book Reader) Publisher's Link: Discontinued Publication Date: April 1984 FEATURES: The Electronic Paintbrush Have Your Machine Call My Machine Gnusto Ozmoo Gamemakers: You Are Now Getting Sleepy Databaseline Service Hands On: All On Boards REVIEWS: Ultima II (Apple, Atari, IBM) Pogo Joe (C64) Pressure Cooker (VCS) Planetfall (Atari, Apple, C64, IBM) Lock 'n' Chase (Apple, IBM) Crypt of Medea (Apple) Congo Bongo (VCS, 5200) Bouncing Kamungas (Apple) Frenzy (Colecovision) Rainbow Walker (Atari) BC's Quest for Tires (Colecovision, Atari) Pooyan (Atari) Encounter (Atari) Fortress of the Witch King (Apple) Super Bunny (Apple) The Power of HeMan (VCS, INTV, Colecovision) Panzer-Jagd (Atari) Zeppelin (Atari) Survivor (Atari) Zombies (Atari)
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    Version 1.0.0


    Release Date: January 19th 2009 Release Size: 116 MB Release Format: CBR (Comic Book Reader) Publisher's Link: Discontinued Publication Date: November 1987 FEATURES The Future of Computer Games: Ten Industry Leaders Speak Out The Hermit (Apple, Atari ST, Amiga, C64, PC, PCjr) REVIEWS Into the Eagle's Nest (Atari ST, C64, PC) DigiPaint (Amiga) Accolade's Comics (Apple, C64) California Games (Apple, Amiga, C64)
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    Next up we have Computer Games issue 184
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    Great to see another scan of this publication :-) Thanks
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    Okay, back from the brink and the first scan by me for Kiwis.World (OGM will also point there very soon now) is Computer Games issue 180
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    Yeah, sorry for the slowness getting back to you. The new site is now kiwis.world but oldgamemags will resolve there as well as soon as things have settled down. As I am scanning diverse content I think OGM doesn't reflect what is now available on the site and if others want to add non-gaming specific titles (electronics/anime etc) I am all for it if they are out of publication and won't attract the ire of the publishers. Still lots to do over there. I have all the download links back up and running but info on the magazines still need to be added as I find time. Same goes for getting cover scans added to the gallery but I'd rather get back into scanning mags and do updates to those as I can. BTW, happy to hear marktrade is okay. Must have been some op to lay him low for a couple of months or more recuperating. Glad he's taking the time to get himself right. This is a hobby first and foremost and everything else should always come first.
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    YUMMY!!! Super likes! *huggles* Areala
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    This is a complex situation, and this is my understanding of it. People who spent a large portion of their time consuming media without actually studying it, have been placed where they can now create this content, be it films, television, literature, or in our case here, games. The problem is, they don't have the skills or knowledge to form a complete project. Like how fans of the Simpsons now write the show, and no matter your taste, the show stopped being good a long time ago. People will just copy a few keystones from the original material, and do a poor job of building the rest of the arches. You see this in "retro" games made by complete hacks, in varying pixel and sprite sizes on the screen at the same time (no visual consistency), random music that could go anywhere (lack of compositional sense), and poor play control (poor math skills, copypaste code). In summary, it seems like the new guard, barring a talented few, are just aping the greats of the past without all of the study and training that those people went through to become great.
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    I got about 75% of them! I was so proud of myself, since I don't usually do very well with guessing album cover tributes. But many of those records (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Nirvana, Matthew Sweet, etc...) came out when I was a teenager, so that helped. *huggles* Areala
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    Happened across this band called "Gun". If you're looking for super early heavy metal, this. is. it. can't believe these guys don't get talked about more, as their whole self-titled debut album (from 1968) is awesome. This is a live performance from 1969. seriously, this predates Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.
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    Radio Shack's closing some 1,000 stores, but the biggest closure of all is the building housing their headquarters...and that means everything must go. https://ubidestates.hibid.com/catalog/103245/radioshack-auction--1/ There are over 700 lots of merchandise up for grabs, and most of them are vintage/retro goodies. For example: Some Tandy Corporation Australia Branch newsletters An assortment of Realistic scanners, radios, and magazines A TRS-80 Model III computer Framed pictures of the Tandy board of directors A slew of computer books and manuals Tandy Software Packs More Tandy Software Packs SO. MUCH. TANDY. SOFTWARE. A Painting of George W. Bush So go have a peek and spend some money on history. *huggles* Areala
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    Also, not a recent discovery, but one I keep coming back to is Hannah Trigwell. She does original music, covers of popular songs, guest-appearances with other bands...her voice is absolutely stunning. This is her cover of "The Scientist" by Coldplay with Boyce Avenue which, I'm not going to lie, I like WAY more than the original: And here's Hannah & Boyce Avenue again with "Let Her Go", which is a trainwreck of a song when performed by Passenger, but absolutely nailed by them on this cover: *huggles* Areala
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    Just finished Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra (PC, 1991). This is pretty significant for me, since I hardly ever finish games these days. Of course, when I say "these days" what I really mean is "in the last decade or so" (M&M3 is the only game I've actually played this year). What made it even better was that it was enjoyable the whole way through, rather than being one of those games I have to force myself to finish "just because."
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    Right now I am playing Breath of Fire II with the fixed translation. Such a good game wish Capcom would make a new one.
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    Authors: Greg Carbonaro, Jeffrey Abouaf, Steven Alexander, Jaesh Kapadia, Kim Lee ISBN: 1562058835
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    Constant 2200 pixel height scan. 600 dpi version available. Contact user sean697 if you need a higher resolution copy.
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    Constant 2200 pixel height scan. 600 dpi version available. Contact user sean697 if you need a higher resolution copy.
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