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    Special thanks to E-Day for the help with this issue.
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    S.W.A.T.Pro Issue 07 (August-September 1992)
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    Once again, this is the most hardcore serious gaming mag to ever hit the shelves in Japan. I'd wager not a single reader of this mag has any plastic figurines of half-naked anime girls on their shelf or so much as a single item of Nintendo-related memorabilia in their possession. Nope, this mag targets adults, and not the kind that plays x-rated visual novels, either. On a side note, this issue was the glue-iest magazine I've ever seen. There was glue all over the pages, so much so that even after debinding, I had to cut away portions of the page that had glue spilled all over them so it wouldn't damage my scanner and then reconstruct those missing bits in Photoshop. The end result is just as pretty as always, never fear. This scan was made for everyone, so please download it, share it with your friends and enjoy! If you share this scan elsewhere, please say that the file is from Retromags, where you can download it for free. Magazine preservation is for everyone. Thank you! このスキャンは皆のために作ったので、ぜひダウンロードして、友達に伝いて、楽しんでください!もしほかのところでこのスキャンを分け合ったら、そこで「このファイルはRetromagsからで、そこでタダでダウンロードすることできる」と伝いて下さい。雑誌電子化は皆のために。よろしくお願いします! PS: Please don't upload this file to the Internet Archive. K thnx bye!
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    GamePro Issue 096 (September 1996)
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    GamePro Issue 110 (November 1997)
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    Retromags Presents! Updated Releases of GamePro Issues 94 (July 1996), 95 (August 1996), and 96 (September 1996) Issue 94 Issue 95 Issue 96 Database Record Database Record Database Record Download Directly! Download Directly! Download Directly! Scanned By: E-Day Edited By: E-Day Uploaded By: E-Day Donated By: CIVICMINDED
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    Retromags Presents! S.W.A.T.Pro Issue 24 (July 1995) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: MigJmz    Edited By: MigJmz    Donated By: Vanguard3000 Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Hello, not posted here for a long time, scans are slowly proceeding, the new url is https://archive.org/details/@japanesemagazinesscans?sort=titleSorter 50th upload on sight! Meanwhile I acquired some italian magazine only to notice that they're slightly bigger than a4, so I'll need to get an a3 scanner but that's will be really far away in the future
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    You simply CAN'T have a guide for Might and Magic without also having one for Might and Magic II. To do so would be très gauche. https://archive.org/details/mightandmagiciihandbook
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    I've shared this with some people before but hadn't uploaded it to the Internet Wasteyard before, so here it is. This is a special edition of Comptiq from January 1987 which exclusively covers adult games. This would go on to be a popular mini-section of each issue for years to come (the section's pages were sealed together and had to be cut with scissors in order to be read, so that bookstore browsers had to actually buy the mag to get to the good stuff.) Personally, I find something charming and almost innocent about the primitive graphics on display here, despite the content. https://archive.org/details/comptiq026chottoetchinafukubukkurojanuary1987
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    Retromags Presents! S.W.A.T.Pro Issue 07 (August-September 1992) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: E-Day    Edited By: E-Day    Uploaded By: E-Day    Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Retromags Presents! Protoculture Addicts Issue 18 (July-August 1992) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: kitsunebi    Edited By: kitsunebi    Uploaded By: kitsunebi    Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Hi, I'm pretty new to this site and to be honest have not browsed a ton yet, but would be there be any interest in scans of old video game advertisements from comic books and the like? There may already be plenty on the site for all I know so apologies in advance if that is the case. I would include some but the ones I have scanned are too big of a file size. They're from a project I'm working on so I have a lot to be scanned
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    Another foible has reminded me to update this thread (and to start marking most things that exist in the database with a Scanning status). Anyhow, the following items are already scanned by me (and most have been edited): S.W.A.T.Pro Issue 06 (June-July 1992) S.W.A.T.Pro Issue 07 (August-September 1992) S.W.A.T.Pro Issue 12 (July 1993) S.W.A.T.Pro Issue 20 (November 1994) S.W.A.T.Pro Issue 21 (January 1995) S.W.A.T.Pro Issue 23 (May 1995) S.W.A.T.Pro Issue 25 (September 1995) Star Wars Episode I - Racer Strategy Guide Super Power Supplies (Spring 1998) Super Power Supplies (Summer 1998) The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time Official Strategy Guide Winning Tips for Sega Genesis (1993) Winning Tips for Sonic the Hedgehog (1994) Games TM Issue 95 (April 2010) Tips & Tricks Video Game Codebook Volume 17 Issue 1 (February 2010) Tips & Tricks Video Game Codebook Volume 17 Issue 3 (May 2010) Tips & Tricks Video Game Codebook Volume 17 Issue 4 (June 2010) Tips & Tricks Video Game Codebook Volume 17 Issue 7 (October 2010) Killer Instinct Nintendo Power Exclusive Edition Issue 1 (1996) Nintendo fun vision Issue 30 (February-March 1997) Nintendo Power Subscriber Bonus 2001 PlayAction Strategies - Super Nintendo (1992) Pokémon Power Volume 1 (August 1998) Pokémon Power Volume 2 (September 1998) Pokémon Power Volume 3 (October 1998) Pokémon Power Volume 4 (November 1998) Pokémon Power Volume 5 (December 1998) Pokémon Power Volume 6 (January 1999) Power Supplies Catalog (Winter 2000) Code Vault Issue 5 (August 2002) Also prepped for scanning are the following Strategy and guide books: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide Nintendo Super NES Player's Guide GoldenEye Official Nintendo Player's Guide Killer Instinct Nintendo Player's Guide Consumer Guide More Strategies for Nintendo Games Game Players Encyclopedia of Nintendo Games Volume 7 The Fifth Element: The Official Strategy Guide Mission: Impossible: The Official Strategy Guide Syphon Filter: The Official Strategy Guide Crash Bandicoot: The Official Strategy Guide NFL GameDat 99 Preview Guide The Bouncer: Official Strategy Guide Secret of Mana: Official Game Secrets Max Payne: Official Strategy Guide Zone of Enders: Official Strategy Guide Unreal Tournament: Official Strategy Guide Totally Unauthorized GoldenEye 007 Strategy Guide Totally Unauthorized Killer Instinct Quake Authorized Strategy Guide Totally Unauthorized PlayStaion Games Book Volume 2 Syphon Filter Totally Unauthorized Strategy Guide Official Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Fighter's Guide GamePro Ultimate PlayStation Cheats! GamePro Mortal Kombat Stra`tegy Guide GamePro Super Street Fighter II: Official Strategy Guide Street Fighter Alpha Strategy Guide Resident Evil: Official Strategy Guide Prima's Secrets of the Games: PlayStation The Unauthorized Edition Volume 1 Star Wars Star Fighter: Prima's Official Strategy Guide X Squad: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Red Faction: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Silent Scope: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Dark Rift: Official Secrets & Solutions Smuggler's Run: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Buck Bumble: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Body Harvest: Prima's Official Strategy Guide WCW vs. now World Tour: Prima's Official Strategy Guide 1080 Snowboarding: Prima's Unauthorized Game Secrets Quake for Nintendo 64: Prima's Unauthorized Game Secrets Mission: Impossible: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Prima's GoldenEye 007 Unauthorized Game Secrets Prima's Blast Corps Unauthorized Game Secrets Prima's Beyond the Beyond Unauthorized Game Secrets Ninja Shadow of Darkness: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Battle Arena Toshinden: The Unauthorized Edition Jade Cocoon: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Hybrid Heaven: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Prima's Unauthorized Guide to Resident Evil Director's Cut O.D.T: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Bomberman World: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Space Station Silicon Valley: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Centipede: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Kagero: Deception II: Prima's Official Strategy Guide The Grandstream Saga: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Nightmare Creatures: Prima's Official Strategy Guide
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    Hey thanks for the reply! I completely understand that these scans wouldn't pass your quality standards here. I promise to whomever stumbles upon this post in the future, that I'll update this thread with links to my uploads to the internet archive so anyone looking for them can find them. I don't have an ETA on when I'll be able to get it done, but hopefully I'll get it done within a month or two. Thanks again everyone, I'm glad there is still some interest in getting these scans uploaded. Cheers!
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    This week on Guides For Games Least Likely To Ever Be Released Outside of Japan come Terrors and Terrors 2, text based horror-adventure games starring a bunch of Japanese pop "stars" - released for the WonderSwan and WonderSwan Color, respectively. Kudos to the second game's guide for acknowledging the only reason anyone ever actually bought these games by filling half of the book with photographs of the stars wearing bikinis and flirting with the camera. https://archive.org/details/terrorsperfectguide https://archive.org/details/terrors2officialguidebook
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    Retromags Presents! S.W.A.T.Pro Issue 12 (July 1993) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: E-Day    Edited By: E-Day    Uploaded By: E-Day    Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Haha. Not really how it works, I'm afraid. All of our main scanners are too busy scanning mags that other members have donated to them FOR FREE to need to buy more stuff to scan off of eBay. I've bought mags at auction for the purpose of scanning because that was the only way to get them, since they were being sold by non-members who have no interest in Retromags and only wanted to make some money. But although I might choose to buy something for my personal collection from a member if it was something I really wanted, I would NEVER buy mags off of a member in order to scan them. Scanners/editors put in TONS of work archiving stuff, and during the process, the mags themselves are destroyed, so they get nothing out of the deal. It's pure give and no take. Asking them to pay for the mags, do all of the work debinding, scanning, and editing, and then provide free copies of the scan to the very same person who made them pay for the mags in the first place is asking too much, in my opinion. So a more appropriate wish is "hopefully someone who owns these mags is willing to contribute to the community by either scanning them themselves (which is always preferable), or else donating them to someone willing to do the work for them."
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    I'd say it was probably about 11 years ago, when this thread was started.
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    Thank you , this issue was awesome to read.
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    This is cool, always good to see some Famitsu. Thanks!
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    Two things. First, I think it's hilarious that the red planes (which, I presume, represent the opposing force to the gold planes) are simply the same sprite, just flipped upside down and re-coloured. Second, I never cease to be amazed at the Japanese fascination with simulating the War in the Pacific. It's one of the largest naval defeats their country ever suffered, but Japanese developers then make games like 1943, which are all about US war planes blowing up Zero fighters and sinking Japanese carriers and fighting the Battle of Midway. What's going on from a cultural perspective that keeps Japanese gamers buying these simulations? It can't all be "we're doing it for the larger international market", can it? *huggles* Areala
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    You don't want this. Really. But here it is, anyway. A 1989 strategy guide for Taiheiyou no Arashi, a Pacific War wargame released on Japanese computers in 1987. It took me several tries to upload this, because every time I opened the file, it put me to sleep. But maybe you like this sort of thing. Heck, somebody does, because this series has been running for over 30 years - you can get the latest installment for the PS4, if you're so inclined. So here's a heaping helping of hard cold data for you to strategize over. But don't say I didn't warn y https://archive.org/details/taiheiyounoarashicompleteguidebook
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    Even though this was my idea, I have not been good with actually updating it with my scans. I will update the list tonight of what I have already scanned and what will be upcoming as I have already prepped the next batch.
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    Hi all, I just found a box of my old Nintendo Power magazines, and it turns out that I have all of the issues that are "missing" in your collection ranging from 2000 through September 2002. My question is, if I make my own PDFs of the missing magazines, is there a way that I can add it to here so it becomes available? Here's my proof: http://imgur.com/a/Jjojo Here are the issues that are "missing" here that I own and are planning on digitizing: Issue 128 (Jan 2000) Issue 129 (Feb 2000) Issue 130 (Mar 2000) Issue 136 (Sep 2000) Issue 137 (Oct 2000) Issue 138 (Nov 2000) Issue 139 (Dec 2000) Issue 140 (Jan 2001) Issue 142 (Mar 2001) Issue 143 (Apr 2001) Issue 144 (May 2001) Issue 145 (Jun 2001) Issue 146 (Jul 2001) Issue 147 (Aug 2001) Issue 148 (Sep 2001) Issue 151 (Dec 2001) Issue 152 (Jan 2002) Issue 153 (Feb 2002) Issue 154 (Mar 2002) Issue 155 (Apr 2002) Issue 156 (May 2002) Issue 157 (Jun 2002) Issue 158 (Jul 2002) Issue 159 (Aug 2002) Issue 160 (Sep 2002) Thanks again!
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    As I said, I would not approve those. There is visible distortion, blurring, and shadow on the gutter side of the page. We debind almost all magazines that we scan here, not because we want to destroy our magazines, but because it's the only way to get a quality scan. I'm not sure if most people truly appreciate the sacrifices that go into every scan they download from our site (from the relatively small number of thanks we receive, I suppose not.) Don't worry, though, if you do ever scan your mags, they can always be added to the Internet Archive. They don't care about quality (nor about stealing other peoples' scans - so you can upload them right next to their Nintendo Power collection, almost all of which they stole from us. It'll be almost just like uploading your mags to the real Retromags!) Please don't think I'm trying to discourage you from scanning your mags, btw. Your scans might not be a fit for Retromags, but they WILL be appreciated no matter where they end up.
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    Yeah I definitely don't want to damage or de-bound my magazines. Here are some examples of one magazine I scanned and cropped just in case the quality is anywhere near what you might be ok with? I know the image size isn't too large but I can get a higher quality scan. i totally understand needing to maintain a certain standard of quality when preserving old magazines, and if any mod or admin would be willing to accept unbound scans of the issues that I still have that are still missing 5 years later, let me know and I'd be happy to submit them.
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    Hey all, I just remembered my password on this account. Just wanted to gauge to see if there is still interest in getting these missing issues scanned and uploaded that I listed in the first post. I finally have a decent scanner now and I think I can knock out getting these missing issues scanned and cropped decently enough to upload on here. Thanks!
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    The most annoying part of scanning for sure. The best tip i say is to use the side edge of the scanner so the page is straightened. Then I would put a weighted book or something on top of the page so it doesn't move around when closing the lid. The thingy that is attached to the scanner lid isn't so good from my experience it doesn't provide much of holding the page in place. Check the edges one more time with the weighted book before closing and the page should scan correctly.
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    Fixed this one for you, since it didn't require much work. Btw, don't ever upload PNG files. Save them as jpgs. Your PNG was over 3MB, which is much too large for a gallery image. After cleaning it up and saving it at the same size as a jpg, the size is only 700kB.
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    DISCLAIMER: Retromags cannot guarantee that any magazine donated to any particular individual will be scanned/edited in a timely manner, or even at all. All donations are private negotiations between donor and donatee and the donor accepts all risks involved. It may behoove potential donors to consider any donatee's previous history of accepting and following through on releasing previous donations, in what timeframe as well as in what quality if that is a concern, but this is still not a guarantee that future transactions will be treated similarly. OK, now that that unpleasantness has been said, have at it kids! Donate away! (Just don't send anything to me - I've got more than enough already).
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    Cover scan of Computer Games Issue 156.

    © 2003

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    @kitsunebi77, you weren't kidding about the grump! Heh, but really, I think I understand better now. Honestly if I wasn't already committed to certain passion projects, I'd jump in and help with this exact kind of thing. Building and managing systems is one of my natural thingies. I was about to research other mag collections, but you just saved me the time by indicating RetroMags is basically the leading group in this field. Thanks! Well, if this is the place, then A. these tags and filters gotta become a thing when possible, and B. we need to encourage the other major outlets that collaborating with RM is essential. Having a universal catalog in one place instead of several helps with accessibility and usage retention. Still, that may take forever and a half because, well, people. (I also recognize i may be preaching to the choir). Technically, if a person has no inclination to help with scanning/donating, cataloging wouldn't take away from existing scan power and such division isn't a bad thing (sound designer and artist in game development, as a weird analogy). Anyway, I appreciate you recognizing the value while weighing the lack of person-power to realize such features. Pretty much this. Comprehensive, accessible documentation means a lot to me. Even if it's a less-popular thing, it informs about cultural growth from one decade to the next. And despite how small some fandoms are, seeing stray questions crop up on ___ forum or ___ Discord server is pretty telling. Your post made my day! From one archivist to another, thanks for the work you do.
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    First of all, there are only 3 English-language archival sites focused on providing video game magazine scans - OldGameMags, the Out of Print Archive, and Retromags. New scans pop up in other places, but not as part of a concerted effort of a group (and be careful of "archival" groups whose main function is mirroring the efforts of the sites they swipe their scans from). Of those three sites, Retromags by far has the most comprehensive database of magazines (even if OldGameMags has more actual scans), and a more robust software, and thus would absolutely be the best choice for implementing such a feature. Second of all, you may have misinterpreted me a bit. I DO believe that your idea has merit. I simply don't believe that there is anyone willing to put in the work to accomplish it. I've been a member of this site since 2014, and in that time, less than a handful of people have added any new issues to our database. That's excusable of course, since due to administrative permissions, only a handful of people actually have the ability to do so. However, ANYONE has the ability to edit a database entry and add contents information (similar to the tagging system you've proposed), yet again, less than a handful of people have ever elected to do so during my tenure here. Similarly, anyone is capable of uploading images to our gallery, yet since 2014, I've personally uploaded almost 70% of the 32,000 images in our gallery, and until MigJmz started helping in the past couple of years, I was pretty much alone in that endeavor during that time. So again, your idea is sound, and would absolutely be a welcome addition. My only (realistic) criticism is that I have seen no evidence to suggest that there will be anyone willing to do the necessary work it would involve to make it very useful (though as you point out, even one magazine tagged is perhaps more useful than none.) I HAVE suggested exactly that already. If we can't get anyone to help complete our magazine databases, I'd hate to see our efforts divided into providing game information unrelated to magazines (information already available elsewhere). But I believe a robust video game section full of information, screengrabs, videos, and yes, magazine cross-referencing information is a (pipe)dream of Phillyman's, so it will likely remain in place. Of course, since no one has ever contributed to it since its creation (that I'm aware of), there really isn't any harm. It can't divide our efforts when no efforts are being made. Also, bear in mind that when referring to Retromags as a "group," you are referring to a group of over 15,000 people, including yourself. Every single registered member of this site is capable of contributing to it, and every single contribution of any kind ever made here was done on a volunteer basis - no one is "in charge" of doing anything (except for Phillyman, who is "in charge" of paying the site's bills.) But volunteers are rare indeed.
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    These mags were the best, always like this style on the covers a lot more than the near 2000 stuff which looks terrible to me
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    Features: Letter From the Editor: What Does It All Mean (Andy McNamara discusses the next-gen strategies of Sony and Microsoft) Dear GI (Reader Letters, Responses and Artwork) A Revolution of a Different Kind (Extensive look at Microsoft’s next-gen console, the XBOX 360 and it’s numerous capabilities and features) King Kong Is Coming! (Ubisoft announces partnership with Peter Jackson on new King Kong game) Nintendo Adds To ’06 Lineup (Nintendo announces games slated for release in 2006) EA Gets NCAA (EA signs exclusive licensing deal with the NCAA) Turbine Takes Over Middle-earth (Turbine signs deal to develops MMORPGs based on Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy) West Meets East (Article on the increase in western development studios opening studios in China) Interview: Charles Hirschhorn (Interview with the founder and CEO of G4 Television) Classic GI (A look at Parsons School of Design’s “Retro Redux” challenge, a challenge to create a game based on the specifications of the Atari 2600) Cover Story: Gears of War (360)(Extensive look at one of the first big next-gen games coming to the XBOX 360; a third-person, cover-based sci-fi shooter from Epic Games that aims to show the capabilities of the new Unreal Engine 3) Leading the Next-Gen Charge (Feature that takes a look at the ways EA is prepping for the Next Generation of consoles and how it plans to continue leading the pack in development) Saints Row (360)(Taking clear inspiration from the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Volition aims to beat Rockstar to the Next Generation with their new urban sandbox game) Previews: Full Auto (360) Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend (360, PS2, XBOX, PC) Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams (PS2) Ratchet: Deadlocked (PS2) Soul Calibur III (PS2) Ghost Recon 3 (360, PS2, XBOX, GC, PC) Burnout Revenge (PS2, XBOX) Kingdom Hearts II (PS2) We Love Katamari (PS2) Colosseum: Road to Freedom (PS2) Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) Heroes of Might & Magic V (PC) Jak X: Combat Racing (PS2) Prince of Persia 3 (PS2, XBOX, GC, PC) Genji: Dawn of the Samurai (PS2) Top Spin (PS2) Ultimate Spider-Man (PS2, XBOX, GC) Huxley (PC) Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves (PS2) 24: The Game (PS2) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (XBOX, PC) Star Wars: Battlefront II (PS2, XBOX, PC) Condemned: Criminal Origins (360, PS3, PC) Hellgate: London (PC) Quake IV (360, PC) Multiplatform Reviews: Pariah (XBOX, PC) Dead to Rights 2: Hell to Pay (PS2, XBOX) Obscure (PS2, XBOX) Stolen (PS2, XBOX) Metal Slug 4 & 5 (PS2, XBOX) PlayStation 2 Reviews: Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Cold Winter Enthusia: Professional Rasing XBOX Reviews: Forza Motorsport Iron Pheonix Raze’s Hell WWE: Wrestlemania 21 PC Reviews: The Matrix Online Stronghold 2 Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil PSP Reviews: ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin’ Trails MLB Smart Bomb Nintendo DS Reviews: Pac-Pix Polarium Quickie Reviews (Short, one paragraph reviews): Dragon Ball Z: Sagas (PS2, XBOX, GC) Predator: Concrete Jungle (PS2, XBOX) Combat – Task Force 121 (XBOX, PC) Myst IV: Revelation (XBOX) Spikeout: Battle Street (XBOX) Rengoku: The Tower of Purgatory (PSP) Ape Escape: On the Loose (PSP) Secret Access (Cheat codes and strategy guides): Brothers in Arms (PS2, XBOX) LEGO Star Wars (PS2, XBOX) Rise of the Kasai (PS2) Doom 3 (XBOX) Spy vs. Spy (XBOX) Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (GC, PS2, XBOX) Darkstalkers Chronicles: The Chaos Tower (PSP) Gretzky NHL (PSP) Metal Gear Acid (PSP) Gran Turismo 4 (PS2) Retro Reviews: Outlaw (2600) Haunted House (2600) Vanguard (2600)