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    Retromags Presents! Game Players PC Entertainment Volume 6 Issue 3 May/June 1993 Database Entry! Download Directly! Thanks to Areala for Donating!
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    Retromags Presents! Game Players PC Entertainment Volume 6 Issue 4 July/August 1993 Database Entry! Download Directly! Thanks to Areala for donating!
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    Apologies for being very silent lately. Had a lot of stuff I had to figure out, some personal, some actually related to scanning. I never stop challenging myself. I've lost over 120 lbs. since Pokémon Go came out last July and have about 50 more pounds to go. It really seems like those are the hardest. I scanned an issue of Game Player's PC Strategy Guide and have an issue of Game Player's MS-DOS Strategy Guide coming in the mail. Little by little we'll conquer this magazine. Today is an issue of Dimension-3. https://archive.org/details/@marktrade https://www.patreon.com/marktrade
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    Version 1.0.0


    Lots of good stuff this issue including in-depth strategy sections for Resident Evil 2, Tomb Raider 2, Tales of Destiny and Xenogears. Other games include Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy V, Gran Turismo, Bushido Blade 2, Tenchu, and as always, tons of coverage of games that never saw a western release.
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    Retromags Presents! PlayStation Magazine Issue 106 September 3, 1999 Download Directly!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Features on Front Mission 3, Valkyrie Profile, Carnage Heart, Resident Evil 3, Galerians, plus a bunch of Japanese-exclusive games like Echo Night 2.
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    WOW!!! Just received a package, well, three packages from Cameron today. I now have a HUGE pile of Computer Games: Strategy Plus issues to scan. In case anyone is interested the issues are: 60,69,89,90,92,93,95,99,100,119,121,123,135,137,140,143,145,146,148,150,151,152,153,155,156,157-160,162-164,167,169,172-176,178-180,184-186,191,195,196 In addition to that I also have eighteen issues of Computer Pilot, an Australian mag devoted to flight sims. This lot cost way, way more in postage than what Cameron charged me so if anyone who is into these wants to help out please consider donating over at OGM via PAYPAL so I can send him additional funds. He's made the mags available for free so any help covering the postage shortfall getting these to me for scanning I am guessing will be much appreciated.
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    Edge (UK) issue 35 is now available thanks to Alex1.
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    Retromags Presents! Dengeki PlayStation Issue 66 February 13 1998 Database Entry Download Here!
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    My brother from Maryland, DC flew into New Zealand for a flying visit this weekend and brought me two issues of PC Gamer (USA) from two BIG boxes he received from someone a year ago to see if I wanted them. Boy oh boy I sure do I said and I gave him $150US to ship as many as he can from the boxes in his basement. I have scanned one of those he brought over which is issue 119. This was still in it's subscription wrapper, unopened and with the CD-Rom demo disc. I'll get the disc archived over at Archive.org when I work out the best software to ISO it.
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    Another of marktrade's PC Gamer (USA) issues gets edited. Grab issue 72 from the usual place ....
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    Volume 1 Number 2 exists as "The Game Player's Guide to MS-DOS Computer Games" and has been scanned! https://archive.org/details/GPGMSDOSCGVol1No2
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    Retromags Presents! Tomb Raider Hint Book 1997 Download Directly!
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    Oh hai, WIP thread! Long time no see. I normally don't use this thread because I don't see the point in posting about what I'm doing, since most people are only interested in what's actually available for download right now, not what might be coming at some indefinite time in the future (even worse would be to make empty promises that never get fulfilled). And there's really no danger of someone else working on the same thing at the same time, since hardly anyone out there is scanning mags in the first place. However, since the site is still on lockdown, I'm in the unusual position of having a finished mag to upload and no permission to do it. So, err...PlayStation Magazine Issue 106 from September 3, 1999 is finished and will be made available as soon as it can be made available. I can't upload the cover here either, but nobody said I can't use an outside image hoster, so here's a preview: This is the only issue of this mag I have, and I doubt I'll get any more, so I'm not gonna bother creating a database for this, but the download category is already created. And waiting...
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    Another of Alex1's donations gets scanned, this time issue 12 of Ultimate Future Games. Look at that lovely fluro orange
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    CBR/CBZ is ultimately more portable than PDF, because it's nothing but an archive of the raw images. This means our readers can convert our scans to pretty much any format they like after downloading, instead of being forced to use one format that might not translate well across different devices or operating systems. Devices like eReaders and certain smartphones don't always have the best relationship with PDFs, for instance, but it's far easier to convert the raw images to a format that device will readily accept than to perform the same gymnastics with a PDF. I personally prefer them because they let me extract individual pages easily, something I do often when it comes to ads or reviews/articles about favorite games. This is a pain with PDFs, but a snap with CBRs. Finally, CBR ensures everyone can contribute a scan to the site. A free program like 7-Zip will create and open them at no cost, whereas PDF, being a proprietary format to Adobe, requires special software that may not be available to every contributor. *huggles* Areala
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    Nintendo Magazine System (UK) issue 46 is now available thanks to Alex1.
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    Yet more Nintendo goodness today with Nintendo Magazine System (UK) issue 36 now available thanks to Alex1.
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    I never thought I'd get any more of these released but thanks to Alex1 we now have issue 14 of Ultimate Future Games available over at OGM. Wow!!!
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    Choo Choo.......these guys are being scanned today
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    Computer Games issue 176 is now available.
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    Computer Games issue 137 is now available.
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    Not sure if anyone here is interested but Edge Magazine issue 193 is now available.
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    Computer Games issue 155 is now available.
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    So as I have mentioned in the past, these individual databases can be chained together thru relational fields. I am thinking about creating an Master Database that would act as a searchable index for information. Lets take one of @kitsunebi77 recent releases..... On page 79 is a review for "The 7th Guest" by T. Liam McDonald However there is no easy way to figure that out on Retromags. No one has yet to jot down on the content page within the Magazine DB, but even if they did, we are very limited in gathering the information we need. What if we had a indexing database, that a user could go to and enter in those few pieces of information. Game Title Magazine Issue Page Number Type of Page (review, cheat, preview, interview) Person The Game Title and Magazine Issue fields would be tied to their respective databases, so as you type "The 7..." the fields would present matching records from those databases. With all of that data in 1 centralized location, a user could go and filter down results Show me all Interviews in GamePro Magazine Show me all prototype mentions in 1995 Show me all reviews for Super Mario Kart Of course this is only the first piece of the puzzle I need to work thru. We should also be able to chain the Video Game Database to the Strategy Guide Database.....we just would create a new field called "Strategy Guides" in the Video Game DB, and have that field chain back to a field on the Strategy Guide side called "Games in this Guide". Other chains could be.... People Database to the publications they worked on Book Database to the Video Games they mention Anyhow I don't own a whiteboard, but I am sketching up a rough draft in paint
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    Computer Games issue 178 is now available. Battlefield 2 .... oh yeah!!!!
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    This discussion has given me an overwhelming urge to visit GOG.com.
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    marktrade's raw scans of Play issue 18 get the Kiwi treatment ......
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    Another issue of Computer Games:Strategy Plus gets scanned, this time issue 148
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    No sure how my W.I.P turned X-rated all of a sudden but Computer Games: Strategy Plus issue .... umm!! ... 69 is now available over at OGM.
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    Another Computer Games issue see's the digital light today with issue 179 now available over at OGM.
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    Next up we have Computer Games issue 140. That should be right up kitsunebi77's alley
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    And I'll have Game Players PC Entertainment Volume 6 Number 4 uploaded in the next day or two (the final of the 3 issues I got from Areala). Let's get this series licked!
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    There might be some PDF rendering options you can futz with to make it easier. It's certainly a downside of PDF that they are not rendered the same in all programs. Anyway, back on topic, I have another issue coming in the mail, Game Player's PC Strategy Guide Volume 2 Number 2.
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    Hi, I bought pretty much every issue of every Sega magazine out there from 1992-1995. They've been kept in storage for 20 years with loads of posters, books and other free gifts that came with them, and I now finally need the space they've been taking up so I'm selling them all on Ebay. I don't have time to break the sets up so they need to go as full collections I'm afraid. Just in case any of you guys are interested in a bulk load of stuff, here's the links: Sega Power Sega Pro GamesMaster Mega Sega Force and Sega Force Mega Mega Drive Advanced Gaming Mean Machines Sega Megatech Official Sega Magazine MAXIMUM Sorry if this is against the spirit of the forum but I wanted to flag them up to the group of people who might be most interested in them! I doubt many other people kept the free gifts and posters like I did. Cheers.
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    In addition to all the above mentioned magazines that arrived we also have a little beauty. According to the Retromags database issue 09 of Computer Games (1983) published by Carnegie Publications Corp. is now available at OGM ... quite a different beast to the Computer Games:Strategy Plus magazine. I'd include a cover image except that the "Insert other media" feature is no longer working by the look of it for external image URL's as it won't do anything even though it worked a couple of days ago I added it as an attachment .....
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    I just hadn't replied to this due to time zone differences. Anyways , my fave DOS games in no particular order were: Duke Nukem 3D - nothing more need be said Command and Conquer - yep, the first one was DOS based. Still great even today.... Dune II - man those sand worms ..... Jane's Advanced Tactical Fighters - made even my Pentium 90 groan. I bought the P90 because it killed by 486 DX-100 Chuck Yeager's Air Combat ... McDonnell Douglas Phantom vs ME-109's anyone? Quake - made me purchase a Rendition 3D video card just to play this Ultima Underworld II - Stygian Abyss (I can't believe this didn't make Areala's list) UFO - Enemy Unknown - Turn based strategy game excellence
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    Nintendo Magazine System (UK) issue 45 is now available thanks to Alex1.
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    PC Format issue 36 is now available over at OGM ......
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    Another awesome mag from the golden age of PC gaming when PC games were PC Games, console games were console games, and never the twain did meet. A small blurb mentioning the upcoming release of a little shareware title called Doom signals big things to come just over the horizon... Thanks to Areala for donating this mag for preservation!
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    Just to let everyone know that Alex1 sent me the mags packaged excellently and they are really nice condition. Any scanning members here on Retromags looking at his magazines for the purposes of scanning for the site can rest assured that he delivered as promised for me and I have no hesitation in acquiring further mags from him if required. Any issues of his that I process will be noted on my W.I.P page and if someone wants to convert them to CBR format and make them available here go for it. Can a Mod look at changing his status to reflect his donations please?
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    Covers adult bishoujo games/visual novels for the PC. Content is intended for adults only. Downloader discretion is advised. Pages 3 and 4 of the magazine were attributed to the demo disc which I've uploaded at archive.org here. (A photo of the disc is included at the end of this archive) Be advised that the demo disc was designed to run on a Win95 OS, so it may not work on a modern system. As always, the comic section at the back has had its page order reversed so that it can be read in the same order as the rest of the magazine.
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    Another of Alex1's recent donations gets scanned. This time it's issue 48 of Nintendo Magazine System (UK). Grab it over at OGM.
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    I was actually going to do this issue next. I recently have spent the last month and a half traveling and taking care of family issues. I'd be willing to edit when I have time to get back into scanning shortly.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Another fine issue of this mag, only a short time before it evolved into PC Gamer Thanks to Areala for donating this issue!
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    I never thought to compare the two shows because they are so completely different. The Shield is about a police force that covers a new case every week with some recurring roles. The star of the Shield Michael Chiklis has all the charisma of a wet towel. It was like the writers of The Shield watched CSI Las Vegas and then decided to re-write their own series using different actors but instead of leaving in the good parts like realism, forensics, a fantastic cast and even better stories, they cut all that out. It really looks like The Shield was written from the perspective of an imbecilic 20 year old Hollywood school liberal arts major cinematography who shot the entire series on his dad's handycam. You got bored with The Wire but I am truly surprised that FX didn't cancel this show after it's second failed season.
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    Something way different is up next with Computer Pilot Vol.04 Issue 04 now available over at OGM for flight sim enthusiasts!!!
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    Retromags Presents! Tech Gian Issue 15 January 1998 Database Entry! Download Directly!