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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings




?has, with the most recent batch of screenshots from the game, confirmed what CD Projekt RED senior producer Tomasz Gop boldly stated in a March 2010 developer preview, that The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings would be ?the best-looking RPG you?ve ever seen.?

The-Witcher-2-Assassins-of-Kings-01-160x120.jpgThe-Witcher-2-Assassins-of-Kings-02-160x120.jpgThe-Witcher-2-Assassins-of-Kings-03-160x120.jpgAbove, the detailed greens of the grasses contrast against the charred, smouldering red hues of a battlefield partially shrouded by smoke, together with the dynamic silhouettes and tense poses struck by soldiers and burned-down tree trunks standing in the horizon, creates one of the most beautiful low fantasy vistas that I have yet to behold. Despite all the aforementioned detail, a great degree of visual clarity and readability remains, seemingly in large thanks to a lighting scheme that accentuates the characters scattered on the battlefield.

If graphics alone do not make The Witcher 2 seem like a must-buy, what really seals the deal is how Gop revealed earlier this month that CD Projekt RED have, in their implementation of the game’s combat system, ?been inspired [by Batman: Arkham Asylum]. I’m not hiding this. We have.?

Like Red Dead Redemption before it, The Witcher 2 seems to be really pushing forward the art of functional and cohesive visual design in video games. The only question that truly remains now is how to best acquire the forthcoming Collector’s Edition – and if you’re a collector spirit like us, find that suitable spot for the cheesy Geralt bust that comes with the whole dang shebang.

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