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      Missing a magazine? Let us know!   02/07/2017

      At Retromags, we aim to create a magazine database that contains every gaming magazine ever created! While we can't promise to scan all of them, we do want them to be included in our database. So if you know of a video game magazine that we do not have represented, please let us know. We generally need to know the following information.... The name of the magazine and country of origin. How many issues of this magazine exist? What are the dates of each issue? If we have the name and country of origin, we can create a location in our Gallery for covers to be uploaded to. Through collecting cover images we should be able to put together a rough draft of when each issue was released. Once we have that we can create records in our database for the covers to be attached to, and begin indexing what was covered in each issue. -Phillyman Click Here To Report a Missing Magazine!
    • Phillyman

      Torrents Are Back! (2017 Edition)   10/02/2017

      Need to catch up or grab our releases in mass? Check out our new torrents here! (1338 releases)

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