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Dangerous Waters


Dangerous Waters - InterAct's consumer newsletter - was mailed free-of-charge to registered customers.  The newsletter concentrated heavily on Gameshark code listings but became more diversified - with game reviews, strategies, interviews, etc - as the page count increased.

With issue #24, Dangerous Waters began its transition into GameShark Magazine.  The magazine ended with issue #32.

While a Holiday 2001 special - with bundled GameShark sampler disc - was produced in conjunction with IGN, there's some uncertainty as to how this issue was marketed and distributed.  Sold directly by IGN and also offered as a bonus to IGNsider subscribers, the issue may have also been distributed by InterAct to their GameShark Magazine mailing list.

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    Title:Dangerous Waters
    Editor: Dan Ullman
    Categories: Console/handheld video games
    Frequency: Monthly
    First Issue: unknown date
    Final Issue: March 2002
    Publisher: InterAct Accessories, Inc.
    Country: United States

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