Gameliner was the official subscriber magazine of Gameline, an online subscription service for the Atari VCS/2600 game system.   Issues were provided free and exclusively to subscribers, despite the $2.00 cover price.  (The first issue may have been bundled with the Gameline modem - a required hardware purchase necessary to download games from the online service to the console.)

Along with typical video game magazine features - interviews, q&a, etc - Gameliner also provided a "master menu" list of games a Gameline subscriber could download to their home console.  Additionally, a collection of game instruction pages were also included in each issue - essentially game manual summaries with some game strategies and tips thrown in.  These instruction pages - along with the master menu - were intended to be removed from the magazine and added to a 3-ring binder originally packaged with the modem.

The magazine lasted only two issues.  A newsletter was published sometime during the holiday '83 time frame, billing itself as a stopgap measure, explaining issue #3 of the magazine had been delayed as a result of "printing complications."  The third issue would never see the light of day.

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1983 1 2 Newsletter

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    Editor: Charlene Komar
    Categories: Console video games
    Frequency: Monthly
    First Issue: September 1983
    Final Issue: Late 1983
    Publisher: Control Video Corporation
    Country: United States