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Weirdest Easter Egg Ever?

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We all know Easter Eggs. Not the kind the bunny goes around hiding, but the little hidden things programmers and designers leave in the game for players to find. Most commonly, these are debugging codes that allow you to skip levels, fill your inventory, max your powers, become invulnerable or other tools that let testers whisk quickly from one place to another without having to play the game from the start time after time after time. Less commonly, you'll find things like hidden playable characters, bonus levels, or other sorts of little gifts that could be leftovers cut from the game before they were fully implemented but still buried in the code just waiting to be found. Less common still are entire games hidden within the games themselves, like the version of Pong hidden in Mortal Kombat II.

But while there are endless varieties of easter eggs and cheat codes, there's one out there that just beats the rest of them all into oblivion. It's hidden on a golf game, of all places, it has nothing at all to do with sports, and it'll take some serious digging to find it, so well was it hidden. And yet, there it sits, waiting for you to see if your copy is blessed with what has to be the most bizarre easter egg in video game history.

Take your copy of Tiger Woods '99 for the Playstation. Don't put it in your game system. Instead, take it to your PC and stick it into the CD drive. Open the disc, take a look through the files, and look for one named ZZDUMMY.DAT. Open it with Media Player, and marvel at the utter absurdity that is Matt Stone and Trey Parker's five minute original South Park cartoon, "The Spirit of Christmas". On an EA Sports title. Words are not adequate. :)

Well...what if you can't find it? That's not terribly surprising. EA pulled the original shipment of CDs that had the file on it and had them returned from stores. The file only shows up on the first batch that they pressed, so unless you bought one of the first, say, 100,000 copies of the game, you're out of luck. If you have it, though, hold on to it, guard it with your life, and show it to all your friends. Because you, my friend, own an absolutely absurd piece of video game history.

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I remember that one.......Made me look through all of my games just to see if anything else was there.....No luck though........ :angry:

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