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Imagine being the hard-working pilot of an intergalactic space cruiser. After a tough day in the cosmos, you naturally stop off for a little snack.
Two deluxe pepperoni pizzas and a quart of chocolate mint ice cream later, you're beginning to see things funny. Somehow, you manage to make it home, falling fast asleep. But, your sweet dreams quickly turn into some kind of nightmare. A space nightmare. It's called MegaMania.
In this nightmare, you're under attack by some of the most outrageous objects you could ever imagine. Hostile hamburgers, demonic diamonds, sinister steam irons, belligerent bow ties, and the ultimate enemy...space dice. It's the most bizarre gang of intergalactic flotsam and jetsam ever organized.
And the better you get, the meaner they get. Just when you think you've blasted the sky free of these crazy attackers, they're back in new disguises. The colors change, the patterns change, and so do the tactics.
As your nightmare gets wilder and wilder, you'll be begging for mercy from - MegaMania by ACTIVISION!

Game Information

    System: Atari 2600
    Publisher: Activision
    Developer: Activision
    Genre: Shooter
    Release Date: September 1982
    Strategy Guides:

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