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  1. Please report any broken links and I will work to fix them.
  2. Very odd, I downloaded it and ran it thru here and it comes back clean. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/472b96147aab2f248852536fdd75113954490eef7860f63f9d37743e32d0de56
  3. Interesting, I ran it thru over 50 virus scanners online and it came back clean https://i.imgur.com/PE8NAYg.png https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b11e8b5b3f1d01ebca6691c348a3abde77b4ecbf4ce60e2d67e8498c2420603d/details
  4. Box H1 on my Inventory sheet is going to be chopped up and scanned this week. Anything already preserved will be listed for sale in the Retromags store or set aside for blindboxes.
  5. I am all for magazines from around the world. Its just I dont read the language and its hard for us to get our hands on them. But if someone can provide a starting point... Name of Magazine How many issues.....even if approx Month and Year of each issue We can stand up a database section for it and a gallery section, and start putting together data and grabbing cover images.
  6. Gitchie, gitchie, ya-ya, da-da?
  7. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?
  8. No comment! But I think I found where IA found the ones posted on their site http://pc.sux.org/indexRA.html
  9. Game Players Encyclopedia Of Nintendo Hints And Strategies For All The Top Games
  10. I am reaching out to ANYONE who has these magazines! If anyone has even one of these magazines, please send it into me for preservation. We need to preserve this magazine! If you send just 1 of these I will bump your account to Lifetime Patron. Someone somewhere has some of these, and I need to get as many of them preserved as possible!
  11. You guys lucked out that my bukkake gif search turned up no results that could be posted here.
  12. Ha, I also am HORRIBLE about updating this thread. I am still trying to find the energy to go into the MagDB and mark all these as "scanning". Also, I get the fun part of running the entire backend of this site. SSL cert expires, now I have to go get it installed on the website, seedbox and nas. Oh our seedbox host has a failed drive and they changed our host. Now I got to go fix our dns entries, and redo the FTP sync from the nas. Never ending But this spurt, this spurt will be the one.
  13. Games for Windows 5 is on my spreadsheet of things I have Games for Windows 6 is already preserved
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