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  1. New Image: Arcadia Issue 060 (May 2005)

  2. Scanning Continues..... and a redo of EGM 64 Antic Issue 22 (August 1984) Antic Issue 23 (September 1984) Antic Issue 25 (November 1984) Antic Issue 30 (April 1985) EGM Issue 138 (January 2001) Ultra GamePlayers Issue 106 (January 1998) EGM Issue 64 (November 1994)
  3. Well I do! Also those members need to learn to use the Feeds, you can include/exclude whichever parts of the site you want to watch.
  4. Step 1 cut a hole in the box sorry wrong instructions Step 1 - Lets make a list of any magazines that do not have issue numbers Step 2 - We will create Google Spreadsheets for each one, detailing that Issue X will become vX, iX. Step 3 - I can then push the name changes to the magazine database with an script Step 4 - We can then use the updated MagDB to push the changes back to the Gallery Step 5 - We can then go thru the Download Section and fix them up there (probably not many) Step 6 - We fix up the Publication Database tables FWIW - I am not sold on the format of YYYY/MM/DD for releases without an issue or volume number. Will consult with the other two Admins and see how they feel on the issue....haha you see that I made a pun....get it?....issue....ha I kill me!
  5. Pretty sure we tried this at some point in the past and the sorting did not work. I never said I liked artificial issue numbers, just explaining how they came about . I am not against removing them where we can.
  6. The short answer is SQL sorting Way back in the day, Retromags was just a forum. We just posted new releases to a topic called "New Releases" and linked off to Mininova for people to grab the files. When we decided to host files at Retromags, we got a download manager and sorting became an issue. The reason why we created artificial "Issue numbers" was the same reason why those issue numbers had to have preceding zeros.....and that was so that they would sort correctly. Only since January/February when we upgraded, did we get the ability for the magazine database to sort by a predefined field. However this functionality does not work on other area's of Retromags. In the Magazine database we have a field called "Sort By", this field is a numeric number and each record in a publication category can have a unique value. So Nintendo Power Issue 1 has a sort by value of "1". Now when you go to the gallery or download manager sorting is being done on the Title/Caption. So in those sections we need to do... Nintendo Power Issue 001 Nintendo Power Issue 002 etc.. So if we decided to forego the issue numbers on publications that did not actually use them....the download manager and gallery would not know that GameFan v1,i2 comes after GameFan v1,i1 and before GameFan v1,i3. I can poke around and see if anyone familiar with this software suite can create a modification for us, just add a sort field into the Gallery and Download Manager. But that is why we use the artificial issue numbers.
  7. New Image: Battle Gear 2

  8. New Image: Warcraft - The Art of World of Warcraft (2005)

  9. New Image: Dragon Quest: Maboroshi no Daichi Vol.05 (April 1999)

  10. New Image: Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (bunkobon) Vol.05

  11. New Image: Appli Style Issue 020 October 2014

  12. New Image: Famitsu Mobage Vol.17 September 19, 2013

  13. New Image: Electronic Arts 1986 (Skyfox, Dr. J and Larry Bird Go One-on-One, Arcticfox, Seven Cities of Gold,……

  14. Ok so Tips & Tricks became Tips & Tricks OLD, and Tips & Tricks REDO became Tips & Tricks. If in doubt the one with 167 issues is old and wrong! So what is left.... Go into the new Tips and Tricks section that has 150 issues and start matching covers from the Gallery section Then we can copy the few records that had a synopsis filled in, from the old section to the new Then fix up the Download Manager so the dates and issue numbers are correct Finally delete 90% of the issues in the T&T OLD section rename it to T&T Codebook, and figure out the 2007-2011 records.
  15. And now we have GameSetWatch showing the 150th issue, but claiming it to be the next to last. I don't think this is correct, if someone can find me a Tips and Tricks 151 September 2007 let me know! Ok went to his next month of posts and found this what most likely happened is someone counted the codebooks as a continuation o Tips and Tricks. Need more coffee after all this hunting around the web