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  1. Phillyman


    I just got two boxes of Nintendo Powers donated to me that I picked up Friday morning. The entire Nintendo Power run is being redone by me, I am going to scan 1-285 and by the time I get to the 2009-2012 issues, it should be time to release them here
  2. Phillyman

    IPB 4.3.x Issues and Suggestions

    Also on the Download Manager when you drill down to the file level
  3. Phillyman

    IPB 4.3.x Issues and Suggestions

    Just so everyone is clear.....I am gathering up everything that we notice wrong, then I am just gonna start opening up tickets over at IPB to see what is a bug that needs to be fixed, versus "well we just dont do things that way any more". EVEN IF Invision comes back and says, WORKING AS INTENDED, That just means we have to do a bit more work. When that happens we post on their forums, and see if lots of people dislike something, or need something changed. If enough users are willing to chip in some $$$, usually we can find someone to code the changes. Say if 40 people chipped in $30 for a change, well someone could make $1200 for coding that change. EVEN IF that doesnt pan out, then I can just go hire someone off of a freelance website to code the changes over here. Of course most of these guys charge $50 an hour and depending on the change, I could be looking at $100-$5000 to get something just the way I want. But lets start off with, IT MUST BE A BUG!!!!!
  4. Phillyman

    IPB 4.3.x Issues and Suggestions

    The weird thing is, if you go to a magazine cover from the Database, by clicking on the cover, it seems to actually go to the full size version. So odd
  5. Phillyman

    4.3 Emoji Explosion

    One of the updates that I pushed today did this, enjoy
  6. Phillyman

    Does anyone have these magazines?

    None of them are familiar to me
  7. Phillyman

    IPB 4.3.x Issues and Suggestions

    Everything works perfectly fine!
  8. Today I pushed us forward to the newest version of IPB, we went from version 4.2.x to 4.3.x. This brought quite a bunch of changes to the system, so as you guys find things that are broken or work differently, just let me know and I will see if there is a fix/mod that can resolve it
  9. Phillyman

    How do I delete a album?

    whats the name, I think i disabled that ability just to prevent accidents?
  10. New Image: BugBug 205 (September 2011)

  11. Phillyman

    DVD BugBug Vol.03 (September 2004)

  12. Phillyman

    DVD BugBug Vol.03 (September 2004)

  13. New Image: BugBug 100 (December 2002)

  14. New Image: Cool-B Vol.053 (January 2014)

  15. Phillyman

    Missing VG&CE Mags

    I forget if they are staple bound or glued, but you should be able to get decent scans. I know I have these ones on hand somewhere and I have no emotional attachment to them