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  1. Man I miss him, Spot on!

  2. So I ordered Olivia Paw Patrol sneakers and they arrived yesterday. When I gave them to her, she was happy, but then she said "Lights?, Batteries?".....I was like WTF, how does she know there are a pair of these shoes with lights on them? Now I feel bad for not getting her those ones 😂

  3. Oh Noes! Liv caught a chest cold and now sounds like she took up smoking 😂 Poor lil girl, probably those dang parents who brought their sick kids to the park the other day!

  4. Phillyman

    On The Topic of PDF Exploits

    Totally forgot about the SG DB, just blanked out anything in those fields across the entire DB, and then turned off those fields.
  5. These girls steal my heart every day, would move mountains for them! <3

  6. got one of those emails saying I was hacked and to send $800 thru Bitcoin or else. I checked that Bitcoin wallet and it had about 18 transactions all around $800 within the last 7 days, and then $12,000 withdrawn. Let me repeat that, People fell for this scam and someone made 12 grand in ONE week!


  8. So I ask my coworker to help me by going to a client I can't get to today. He agrees, and as he is parking (feeding the meter) at their site she sends an email that the issue is resolved. So he gets back into his car and heads to his next client, about 10 minutes go by and she writes back in "oops not fixed". Now I am supposed to ask him to go back yet again? Man some of my clients are airheads!

  9. Phillyman

    Scans of Game Informer Magazines?

    Why download them? Game Informer provides them in physical format. There are places that do not honor Game Informers wishes and provide digital copies, won't directly name them, but if you hang out around here for long will find repository sites that just act as digital dumping grounds.
  10. 480 Records just got flipped from Acquired to Missing status. For anyone who is interested, this is the list. OldAcquiredList.txt
  11. Jasenka told Liv that tomorrow she will be home with her. Liv replied "Mama Go, Nana Come" 😂

  12. Olivia, Toys R Us is reopening!!! Liv replies "Oh Yeahhh I like it"!

  13. Late night beer and grub with my lady!

  14. Don't you be talking trash bout my clubs! One of these days someone is gonna join up