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Breakout 2000 is the Jaguar update to Atari's classic arcade game, Breakout. The premise in Breakout is to bounce a ball off a paddle into a series of blocks that disappear when struck. While the original Breakout, which is included with this release, has simple rectangles that represent the ball and paddle, Breakout 2000 has flashy pre-rendered 3D graphics.

There are also a couple of gameplay enhancements over basic Breakout. First, the game can be played with two players. The second player has their own playfield at the top of the screen. They also have their own set of blocks to demolish, and can send their ball to the bottom playfield for the other player to hit. You can set either player to be computer controlled, so you can even watch the computer play against itself if you want. The other enhancement are the various power-ups that allow you to shoot the blocks out directly, catch the ball, and so on.

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Game Information

    Title:Breakout 2000
    Publisher: Atari Corporation, Telegames, Inc.
    Developer: MP Games
    Genre: Puzzle
    Release Date: December 1996

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