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Game Description

ON A SMALL PLANET in a remote corner of the universe, the evil Bungeling Empire has created the most fearsome enemy you will ever face: The War Machine. Directed by an Artificial Intelligence bent on total conquest, it is a complex of factories scattered throughout six heavily defended islands. Day and night, these factories churn out an endless armada of remote-controlled weapons of doom. Their ultimate aim is clear: the final destruction of Civilization As We Know It.

Before all of Humankind is crushed beneath the Empire's iron heel, one faint hope remains. A single, highly mobile raider might, just might, be able to penetrate the Bungeling defenses. Only a fighter pilot of enormous skill and strategic savvy could dare attempt such a mission. We turn to you in our hour of desperate need.

At dawn, you move. From an off-shore carrier base, you will command a very fast, but very vulnerable, helicraft. You must launch a surgical strike at the very heart of The War Machine. You will be attacked by every weapon known to man, and some not yet dreamed of. Somehow you must carpetbomb the Bungeling factories into obliteration before they complete their Ultimate Weapon.

We wish you all the luck in the galaxy. You'll need it!

Game Information

    Title:Raid on Bungeling Bay
    Publisher: Broderbund
    Developer: Broderbund Software
    Genre: Shooter
    Release Date: 1984

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