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Game Description

Defection Was Just the Beginning!

The Hunt Goes On! You are Captain Marko Ramius, commander of the most advanced nuclear submarine ever created - the Red October. In a desperate attempt to defect to the United States, you must evade detection from an onslaught of enemy forces, both underwater and on the surface. Danger comes at you from all sides - even from within. It's destroy or be destroyed!

And that's just for starters. Even more perilous missions await you as the Red October takes to the sea against illegal arms, merchants, nuclear terrorists and environmental outlaws. Each mission is an incredible challenge to your skill, reflexes and command abilities. All together, it's the greatest submarine adventure of all time!

Super Scope Compatible - Take command using the incredible Nintendo Super Scope or your Control Pad.
9 Incredible Missions - In 4 theatres of operation: the Caribbean, the North Pacific, the Mediterranean and the Soviet Union!
2 Exciting Modes of Play - Take on enemy forces utilizing the Side View or Periscope modes.
Full Arsenal of Weapons and Defense System - Including Torpedoes, Surface-to-Air Missiles, Bombs, Electronic Countermeasures and the silent Cativation Drive!

Game Information

    Title:Hunt for Red October, The
    Publisher: Hi Tech Expressions
    Developer: Riedel Software Productions, Inc.
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: January 1993
    Strategy Guides:

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