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Please help me! I am the world-famous Pierre Le Chef. This world cooking tour was to have been my greatest, but yikes! The ingredients I need to make my super-duper masterpieces have disappeared! My eggs have escaped, my potatoes have been pilfered...Heck! All my food has gone bonkers! Now I must chase this crazy food across six countries through 48 challenging levels, bean 'em with flourbags and catch 'em in my net! This won't be easy - that dastardly Le Chef Noir and his helpers Botulism, Mold and Salmonella, are really giving me a hard time! We'd better get cooking or this will become a real food fight!    

Game Information

    Title:Out to Lunch
    Publisher: Mindscape
    Developer: Mindscape
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: November 1993
    Strategy Guides:

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