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Game Description

After some serious stick slashing, you come away with the puck and speed down the rink. You square off against your opponent as he races toward you with a high stick. Check him hard and go for the steal. Fists fly and the crowd goes insane. After you've cooled off in the penalty box, go head-to-head with the goalie. Slam home a 90 MPH slapshot and the victory is yours!

Just Check Out These Features!

- Play on one of the 32 fast and furious teams from Montreal to L.A.
- Superior skating, body checks and ballistic slap shots
- Dynamic crowd reactions including: booing, cheering and clapping
- Between periods flip through 14 pages of hot stats
- Penalty time for slashing, holding and tripping-that's if the ref sees you!

Game Information

    Title:Super Slap Shot
    Publisher: Virgin Interactive
    Developer: Ringler Studios
    Genre: Sports
    Release Date: August 1993
    Strategy Guides:

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