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Computer and Video Games Issue 1

ISSUE: 1Content

Primary Systems Coverage this Issue:

  • Sharp MZ-80K
  • Acorn Atom
  • Apple / Apple II
  • Atari 400 / 800
  • Commodore VIC-20
  • Tandy TSR-80
  • Sinclair ZX81
  • Commodore PET
  • Acetronic MPU1000
  • Mattel Intellivision
  • Atari VCS
  • Philips G7000
  • Database TV
  • Nascom 2
  • Philips G7000
  • Arcade


  • Chess - From the first chess playing machine to the most recent, Max Bramer checks out the computerised chess scene.
  • Othello - Computers already have the edge in this popular game. Tom Napier offers the tips.
  • Mainline - What is it like playing a game with the power of a mainframe behind it? Alex Gates finds out while playing Adventure.
  • Christmas Parade - Most Christmas stockings will have a microprocessor in them this Yuletide. We look critically at the new toy generation.
    • Super Simon (£24-£29)
    • Earth Invaders (£26.95)
    • Supersonic Mastermind (£19.95)
    • Game and Watch - Fire, Vermin, Headache, Manhole, Lion and Ball (£21.95 each)
    • Starbird Avenger and Starbird Intruder microprocessor controlled spaceships (£15.00 each)
    • Sea Duel and Space Blitz cartridges for the Microvision (£29-£39)


  • The Invaders (Nascom 2) - The relentless invasion is on and the aliens inexhaustible as ever. How long can you survive?
  • Supernim (Apple II) - Try to outwit the computer opponent and makes your the last piece on the board. A game of careful strategy.
  • Rainbow Passage (VIC-20) - Can you find the passage which will beat the computer and give your pieces victory? A colourful boardgame comes to life on the screen.
  • Nibblers (PET) - On patrol above the dam and town you are sworn to protect, you suddenly notice huge creatures with drooling snapping jaws coming out of the east...
  • Tarot (TRS-80) - Let the computer become your lifeline to fate through the mysteries of the Tarot.
  • City Bomb (ZX80 or ZX81) - A fast finger on the bomb-bay doors is needed to blast your way through the city to a safe landing.
  • Trench (Atari 400 or 800) - Relive the final climactic battle of Star Wars.
  • Dodgems (Acorn Atom) - How long can you avoid the computer's car, hell bent on deadly collision?
  • Musical Hangman (Sharp MZ-80K) - A traditional favourite given a nice touch with good graphics and music. Can you save the victim from the noose?


  • Mailbag - Your very own page. But do you have anything to say yet?
    • A reader struggles to reload programs after making copies of them
    • Another complains about components being inserted incorrectly while kit building.
  • Competitions - Can you tell an invader from a galaxian? Can you solve our free puzzle? Are you an arcade king? Then you could be a winner.
  • Game News - All the latest software for your computer.
    • Dinowars (£22.95 for TRS-80)
    • Towering Inferno (£5.85 for Sharp MZ-80K)
    • Super Glooper (£9.00 for Commodore PET)
    • Sea Wolf (£14.95 for Commodore VIC)
    • Electronic Chess (£24.95 for Commodore VIC)
    • Starmines (£14.95 for Apple II)
    • Goldrush (Commodore VIC)
    • Polaris (£27.95 for TRS-80)
    • Minefield (£5.95 for Acorn Atom)
    • Death (£15.00 for Apple II)
    • Meteorites (Commodore PET)
  • Arcade Action - Showing soon on your local screens...the latest in pub and arcade games.
    • Experts teach readers how to master the Pacman arcade machine
    • Cosmic Avenger
    • Omega Race
    • Wizard of Wor
    • Space Fury
  • Game of the Year - We need you help - and we're not too proud to bribe you! Discover the benefits of becoming a C&VG contributor.
  • Sounds - Noises, musical, magical and mysterious. David Annal adds a fourth dimension to your micro.
  • The Bugs (comic) - Meet our tribe of gremlins that you probably know only too well already.
  • Video Screens - All the new cartridges for every TV video games centre. Read before you buy.
    • Space Monsters (£15.00 for Philips G7000)
    • Tennis (£16.95 for Atari VCS)
    • Boxing (£16.95 for Atari VCS)
    • Space Battle (£13.00 for Database)
    • Golf (£13.00 for Database)
    • Stone Sling (£15.00 for Philips G7000)
    • Super Knockout (£14.95 for Acetronic MPU 1000)
    • Shooting Gallery (£14.95 for Acetronic MPU 1000)
    • Asteroids (£34.50 for Atari VCS)
    • Astrosmash (£18.95 for Intellivision)
    • Bowling (£18.95 for Intellivision)
  • Practical Programming - It's in our interests to turn you all into better programmers. Ted Ball will tempt you further along the Basic trail.
  • Adventure - Whether you want to write your own or just play other peoples, Keith Campbell looks the magic behind the most popular computer game.
  • Kit Korner - A micro you have built yourself will give you that much more satisfaction. Keith Mott outlines the benefits and warns of the pitfalls.
  • Brainwave - Bottles of champagne are up for grabs in our Mind Routines problem and Nevera Crossword.
  • Graphics - The marks on the screen - so often the mark of a good game.
  • Down to Basic - Computer beginners start here. But old hands should not pass by Moira Norrie's revealing look at the most widely used computer language.
  • Software Reviews - An adventure with real treasure! An alien invasion of your spaceship! And many more...
    • Gold Rush (£16.00 for VIC)
    • Green Things (£7.00 for Acorn Atom)
    • Games Pack 4 (£3.95 for ZX81)
    • Wizard's Castle (£5.00 for Sharp MX-80K)
    • Alien Rain (£13.95 for Apple II)
    • Serpents (£8.75 tape / £11.75 disc for TRS-80)
  • Software Glossary - Don't be thwarted by computerised jargon. It's all here in plain English.

Ads (In Order of Appearance):

  • Adda Computers Ltd
  • Microage Electronics
  • Silicon Centre
  • Video Software Ltd
  • Silica Shop
  • Molimerx Ltd
  • Bug-Byte Software
  • Newnes Technical Books
  • Program Power
  • Midwich Computer Company Limited
  • Voltmace Ltd
  • Twickenham Computer Centre Ltd
  • Maplin Electronic Supplies Ltd
  • Tangerine Users Group Ltd
  • The Computer Shack
  • MicroComputer Printout
  • MicroStyle
  • Kansas City Systems
  • Tempus
  • Sinclair Research Ltd
  • Computer Supermarket
  • W.H. Smith
  • SBD Software
  • Eltec Services Limited
  • The Essential Software Company
  • NewBear Limited
  • Sharp
  • Supersoft
  • Sharpsoft
  • EMCO
  • Landau
  • Comserve
  • Macronics
  • This Could Be Fun Ltd
  • Video Services Bromley
  • Data Applications UK Ltd
  • Educational Computing
  • Kram Electronics
  • Team 4 Software
  • Lowe Electronics
  • dK'tronics
  • Control Technology
  • Personal Computer Palace
  • PJ Equipment
  • Bramwell Enterprises
  • Morriston Computer Centre
  • Gamer
  • Mountaindene
  • Acorn Computer
  • Calisto Computers Limited

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    Title: Computer and Video Games Issue 1
    Month: November
    Year: 1981
    Publisher: Tom Moloney
    Editor: Terry Pratt
    Pages: 100
    Price: 75p
    Country: United Kingdom
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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