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Atari Age Issue 11

ISSUE: 11Content

(The following is loosely based on this issue's Table of Contents with (notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.)

(A Contest Entry form, Order form, and return envelope are included with this issue.)

Videogame Masters Competition ('The Competition Ends In The Battlezone')

Captain's Log (editorial by Steve Morgenstern; includes table of contents)

New Cartridge Report (new & upcoming game releases)

  • Millipede (2600,5200)
  • Battlezone ('Available Now For Videogame Masters Competition Play')
  • Crystal Castles (2600)
  • Stargate (2600)

Kids' Cartridge Report (new & upcoming game releases for kids)

  • Taz (2600)
  • Oscar's Trash Race (2600)

Gamegrams (reader mail; shares page with 'Solution Section')

Solution Section ('Editor Hunt' contest results)

Atari News (news coverage)

  • Atari Wins Big In Annual Arkie Awards
  • Club Member Wins Fireworld Contest
  • AtariSoft - Atari Hits For Many Systems (Atari to develop for other consoles)

Sneak Peeks (previews)

  • Atari Uncovers Valuable "Legacy" ('Final Legacy' game planned for 5200, Atari computers)
  • Plan Now For Trip To The Zoo ('Zookeeper' home port planned for 2600)

Construction of Crystal Castles (behind-the-scenes; includes 'Arcade Crystal Castle Tips' section)

Master Strategy Guide ('Real Sports Games;' reader submitted strategies for the following:)

  • Realsports Football (2600)
  • Realsports Baseball (2600)
  • Realsports Football (5200)

Computerworks ('If you've heard the term "word processing" and thought it was too complicated for you, read on - word processing is the right way to write for a growing number of people.')

Coin Video Corner (arcade coverage; 'Firefox')

Not the Atari Age (three page 'April Fool's Parody;' includes the following:)

  • Not The Atari Age ("cover")
  • Sneak Pokes
    • Atari To Introduce World's Hardest Videogame
    • Games That Really Smell
    • Big Brother Is Playing!
    • Atari Gains Rights To Feldman
  • The Clubhouse Snore
    • Super-Powerful Remote Control Joystick
    • Gemstick Controller
    • Trak-Cube Controller
    • Arcade Machine Carrying Case

Masters Competition News ('Master Contest News')

  • Quadrun Deadline Extended
  • Gravitar Entries Close, Fun Continues

ARCs ('ARCS - More For Your Money From The Atari Club;' ARC program info, ARC discounted software and accessories list)

Contest ('Atari Club Contest - Close-Up!')

Your Turn (reader submitted stuff; poetry, comic strips)

Clubhouse Store ('The Clubhouse Store;' mailorder marketplace; accessories, controllers, merchandise, cart list; includes free t-shirt with Dig-Dug offer, free t-shirt with any 2600 or 5200 Realsports title offer)


(Atari Age regularly included Atari Club mail-order advertisements in lieu of traditional advertising:)

  • 'Join The Club!' (Atari Club membership forms)
  • 'Atari - Sharing The Olympic Shirt' (1984 Olympic Games/Atari co-branded merchandise)
  • 'The Big Hits Hit Home!' (2600 games; Stargate, Crystal Castles, Millipede)
  • Stargate (back cover)

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    Title: Atari Age Issue 11
    Month: March/April
    Year: 1984
    Publisher: The Atari Club
    Editor: Steve Morgenstern
    Pages: 36
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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