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Atari Age Issue 2

ISSUE: 2Content

This scan is currently missing the following content:

  • Page 5 - 'From the Editor' editorial
  • Page 6 - 'Game Grams' reader mail
  • Priority Order Form/Contest Entry Form
  • Page 16 - 'Atari Contest Page' (aka 'Atari Age Contest')
  • return envelope

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  • Inside Your VCS
    A peek at the internals of the Video Computer System.
  • Atari International
    Atari-related news from around the world.
  • New Cartridges
    New games Demons to Diamonds and Math Gran Prix.
  • From the Editor
    A letter from Steve Morgenstern, Editor of AtariAge.
  • Game-Grams
    The letter section expanded from Issue One.
  • Warlords
    The storyline of Warlords, as well as some tips for playing.
  • Codebreaker!
    Codes are the in the realm of espionage and intrigue - and sometimes could lead to buried treasure.
  • The Clubhouse Store
    If you're an Atari fan, you've come to the right place!
  • Atari Age Contest
  • Cartridge Checklist
    Sports Arena, Adventure Territory, Race Track, Space Station, Combat Zone, Skill Gallery, Classics Corner, Learning Center, and Accessories.
  • See Shore Puzzle
    Name all the characters on the beach (ranging from 23 different Atari games)


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    Title: Atari Age Issue 2
    Month: July/August
    Year: 1982
    Publisher: The Atari Club
    Editor: Steve Morgenstern
    Pages: 20
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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