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Atari Age Issue 7

ISSUE: 7Content

(The following is loosely based on this issue's Table of Contents with (notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.)

(A Contest Entry form, Order form, and return envelope are included with this issue.)

Inside Trak-Ball ('Inside - Trak-Ball-Controller;' Atari 5200 controller breakdown.)

Atari Safari Calendar ('Come On The Atari Safari - The Wildest Video Game Adventure Ever!;' removable, folding calendar)

Captain's Log (editorial by Steve Morgenstern; includes table of contents)

Atari News (news coverage)

  • Swordquest Earthworld Solution Revealed! - Eight Finalists Try For $25,000 Prize (Talisman prize shown)
  • Young Computerists Become Atari Advisors
  • Summer Sun and Computer Fun at Club Med
  • Defender Wins Arkie (Defender (2600) and other games awarded 1983 Arkies)
  • Atari Brings Multimedia Computer Show To Schools
  • Famed Child Psychologist Joins With Atari To Create New Games and Products For Kids (Dr. Lee Salk)

New Cartridge Report (new releases)

  • Atari Video Cube ('An Atari Club Exclusive Cartridge Introduction!')
  • Kangaroo
  • Jungle Hunt

Sneak Peeks (previews; 'Keyboard Will Turn Atari VCS Into Powerful Home Computer - Fall Introduction Planned For Revolutionary Device')

Your Turn (reader submitted stuff; comics, poetry)

Puzzle Power (misc. puzzle-related sections:)

  • Ancient Puzzles
  • TanGram
  • The Coming of the Cubes (three dimensional puzzles; Rubik's Cube)
  • Video Puzzles Taking Off (Atari Video Cube)

Coin Video Corner (arcade coverage)

  • Food Fight!
  • Coin Video Record Update (high scores)

Game-Grams (reader mail; shares page with 'Solution Section')

Solution Section (E.T., 'Seen in a Sign' contest winners; shares page with 'Game-Grams')

Clubhouse Store ('The Clubhouse Store;' mail-order marketplace; accessories, merchandise, repair kit, cart checklist, etc)

Contest ('Atari Club Contest - Harvey's Dilemma')

5200 Flash (mail-order offers plus the following sections:)

  • Arcade Racing Sensation Comes Home - Pole Position
  • Tanks Vs. Terrorists - Countermeasure


(Atari Age regularly included Atari Club mail-order advertisements in lieu of traditional advertising. In addition to The Clubhouse Store and 5200 Flash columns mentioned in this issue's TOC, the following mail-order offers are also promoted (one page each unless noted).)

  • Atari Video Cube (two pages; Atari Club timed-exclusive)
  • 'Atari Safari' (two pages; Kangaroo, Jungle Hunt; free t-shirt with order, two free t-shirts or duffel bag when ordering both)
  • 'Look What You Get For $9.95' (two pages; misc. games)
  • 'Real Arcade Action At Home! - Trak-Ball Control Is Here!' (5200 and 2600 Trak-Ball controllers; back cover)

(Also promoted this issue:)

  • 'Tell Your Friends - "Join The Atari Club!"' (Atari Club membership promo; includes $1, 1-year membership form)
  • 'A Free Offer For Atari Age Parents' ('A Letter From Dr. Lee Salk - For More Meaningful Parenthood' free sample newsletter offer)

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    Title: Atari Age Issue 7
    Month: May/June
    Year: 1983
    Publisher: The Atari Club
    Editor: Steve Morgenstern
    Pages: 28
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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