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Next Generation Issue 40

ISSUE: 40Content


  • Sega Saturn
  • Nuon (Project X development news coverage)
  • PC
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Nintendo 64
  • Milton Bradley Microvision (news section retrospective)
  • Microsoft Windows NT
  • arcade
  • online

As part of this issue's "What The Hell Happened?" retrospective:

  • Commodore Amiga
  • Sega CD
  • Sega Genesis
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Atari 2600
  • Fujitsu FM Towns (never released)
  • Atari Jaguar

As part of this issue's Metal Gear Solid preview:

  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • MSX


(The following is loosely based on this issue's table of contents, with select issue excerpts included. Magazine accurate text formatting (lower case headers, etc) purposefully retained. (Notes) and bullet lists are added for clarity.)

(The 'Disc Edition' of this issue includes a CD featuring additional content. This issue of Next Generation includes a six page, in-bound Electronics Boutique catalog labeled 'March 1998.')

(standard edition: $5.99 USA, $6.99 Canada; CD edition: $7.99 USA?, $8.99 Canada?)

The way games ought to be...
Technology at its worst. (by Neil West; one page; this article is not listed in this issue's TOC)


To hell and back with Acclaim
The company that game licensed games a bad name has changed its stripes and brought itself back from the brink of self-destruction. Next Generation talks to CEO Greg Fischbach about the good, the bad, and the ugly that is the history of Acclaim. (five page interview)



(Original news articles along with regular, recurring news features; one page each unless noted. While original news stories regularly included related sidebars, unrelated sidebars would often be used to fill space as well - these are noted.)

Project X progresses
Kits for the first U.S.-designed console since Jaguar are in developer hands. Plus, first impressions on the latest from VM Labs.

Microsoft's Meltdown pushes NT
Ignore our consumer marketing and forget Win 98, MS tells developers.

Once Upon Atari: The Agony and the Ecstasy video review
A documentary that recounts the golden days of Atari. (additional content included on accompanying disc)

Arcade exhibit opens in National Press Building
Videogames are preserved for future generations.

(Recurring news features; one page each unless noted:)

In the Studio
Better development news from even better sources. (1/2 page; games in development; from P7 Solutions, Ripcord Games, Ritual, Boss Games, Electronic Arts, Capcom)

Stuff every gamer should know. This month, Microvision - the first nondedicated, handheld game system. ('No. 15 Milton Bradley's Microvision;' approx. 1/2 page)

Datastream (number related news and trivia sidebar)

Gaming on the Internet. ('Kesmai fights back' by Christian Svensson)

Movers and Shakers
The business news that affects the games you play. (misc. business news by Colin Campbell)

The latest arcade and coin-op news. (misc. arcade news by Marcus Webb)

Anecdotes from computer and videogaming's past. ('The rise and fall of arcades (part 2)' by Steven Kent; video game history)

ng special

What the hell happened?
If tragedy is brother to comedy, then abject failure is always good for a laugh. Next Generation looks at 10 games that were pegged for success until something horrible occurred along the way. What happened? A special report... (ten pages, including the following sections (1 page each unless noted)):

  • Rise of the Robots (PC,Amiga,SNES,Gen)
  • Pac-Man (2600)
  • Madden '96 (PS)
  • Toonstruck (PC)
  • Fight For Life (Jag; 1/2 page)
  • LodeStar: The Legend of Tully Bodine (SCD,PC; 1/2 page)
  • Microcosm (PC,SCD,FM Towns; 1/2 page)
  • Shaq Fu (SNES,Gen; 1/2 page)
  • Battle Cruiser 3000AD (PC)
  • E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial (2600)

ng inside

Metal Gear Solid
Eleven years ago, the original Metal Gear set a new paradigm for gameplay in a world of 8-bit shooters. Now Producer Hideo Kojima is reinventing his classic for the 32-bit age, combining 3D action with strategy and a powerful story, thus creating the last great 32-bit game.. (see ng software: Alphas section below)

ng software

Alphas (game previews, sometimes presented as part of a themed overview or interview; one page each unless noted:)

(Next Generation's game previews often varied in scope and size. Smaller previews were usually traditional in presentation, while larger previews often incorporated developer commentary. The largest previews were typically presented as a themed article (focusing on a development studio, accessory, etc) previewing one or more titles and were often accompanied by an interview (noted).

(Previews with additional content on the accompanying Next Generation Disc are noted with an asterisk (*).)

  • Metal Gear Solid (PS; eight pages, including 1-page 'An interview with Yoji Shinkawa,' 2-page 'An interview with Hideo Kojima,' and running lineage sidebar with brief profiles of the following games:)
    • Metal Gear (MSX)
    • Metal Gear (NES)
    • Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (MSX)
    • Snake's Revenge (NES)
  • Shot (PC,PCDVD; four pages) *
  • High Heat Baseball (PC,PS; two pages)
  • Crisis City (PS)
  • Kase no Monogatari (PS)
  • Space Bunnies Must Die (PC; three pages) *
  • Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling (PC,PS; 0.66 pages)
  • Harley Davidson & LA Riders (arcade)
  • Urban Assault (PC)



(Next Generation reviews were usually 1/8th to 1/4th page in length, though this varied wildly and length was never pre-determined - 1/2 and one page reviews would see print on occasion. Higher rated and/or spotlighted games would usually receive more page real estate than lower rated.)

(Import reviews are noted with '(Japan)' below. Reviews also appearing on the accompanying Next Generation Disc are noted with an asterisk (*).)

Nintendo 64

  • Snowboard Kids *


  • Einhander *
  • Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Gran Turismo (Japan) *
  • Point Blank
  • Skullmonkeys
  • X-Men: Children of the Atom


  • Grandia (Japan)
  • Shining Force III


  • Air Warrior III
  • Every Tale Adventure II: Halls of the Dead
  • NASCAR Racing 2
  • Red Baron II
  • Streets of Sim City
  • Virus


  • Netstorm
  • Tanarus


This is where you get a chance to see your words in print in Next Generation. (reader mail; two pages)


ng Disc Contents

The April edition of the Next Generation Disc contains the second part of our world exclusive interview with Origin's Richard Garriott, as the gaming legend discusses his other flagship game, Ultima Online. In addition, the makers of Snowboard Kids and Space Bunnies Must Die talk about their latest games.

Parasite Eve, Snowboard Kids, Space Bunnies Must Die

Gran Turismo, Einhander, Shot, Bloody Roar

The Palace 2.5, Heat, Next Generation Online, Imagine Games Network

Uprising (3Dfx), Stratosphere, Fighter Ace

More than 1,400 NG Finals in a searchable database

Gaming legend Richard Garriott talks about his other huge project, Ultima Online

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    Title: Next Generation Issue 40
    Month: April
    Year: 1998
    Publisher: Imagine Media
    Editor: Chris Charla
    Pages: 124
    Price: see description
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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