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Tips & Tricks Issue 82

ISSUE: 82Content


Nintendo 64

Sony Playstation

Sony Playstation 2

Nintendo Game Boy

Nintendo Game Boy Color

Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Nintendo Gamecube

Microsoft Xbox

Sega Dreamcast



Power Up! (staff bios)

Readers' Tips (letters column)

T&T Select Games

(1-page (unless noted) game overviews with screenshots; readers would select games from this section for future strategy coverage in T&T:)

  • Resident Evil (GC)
  • Final Fantasy X (PS2)
  • Gitarro Man (PS2)
  • Shrek (XB)
  • Super Monkey Ball (GC)
  • Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (PS2)
  • Rayman M (PS2; 1/3rd page)
  • Mega Man X6 (PS; 1/3rd page)
  • Drakan: The Ancients' Gates (PS2; 1/3rd page)
  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves (DC; 1/4th page)
  • Dokapon (GBA; 1/4th page)
  • Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X Traction (Nintendo 64">N64; 1/4th page)
  • Tekken Advance (GBA; 1/4th page)
  • Game Track! (upcoming releases list)

Pencil Puzzles (2 puzzles)

Hint Hotlines (game tip phone number directory)

Tournament Report (1-page; Twin Galaxies Midwest Video-Game Championships, player rankings, tournament calendar)

Sports Desk (approx. 1/2 page strategy per game)

  • NBA ShootOut 2002 (PS)
  • NBA 2K2 (DC)
  • NHL 2002 (PS2)
  • NASCAR Challenge 2002 (PS2)

Hard Core (two pages of reader-submitted Armored Core designs)

Collector's Closet (two pages of retro coverage; 'A Very Retro Christmas' (Genesis, NES, 2600); 'Room of Doom;' 'Rocket Games for Game Boy Color!')

Japan Report! (1-page; Japanese products, games and culture; Nintendo Spaceworld 2001)

Cool Zone (1-page; cool products, gaming and non-gaming; highlights include Mario Party 2 finger puppets)


  • Dragon Warrior VII (PS; nine pages)
  • Time Crisis II (PS2; seven pages)
  • Batman: Vengeance (PS2; four pages)


(T&T prided itself on its tip count - this issue contains 3200 tips collected in the pages listed here, sorted by system. This issue's Codes section features a number of varied footer bars - see the full breakdown below)

  • Playstation 2 (3 pages)
  • Playstation (9 pages)
  • Nintendo 64 (6 pages)
  • Game Boy Advance (1 page)
  • Game Boy (3 pages)
  • Dreamcast (3 pages)
  • GameShark (PS/PS2/GBC/DC; 2 pages)

(Running footer bars:)

  • Exercise While Playing Video Games! GameRider - Model GR3 (exercise bike)
  • T&T Anime (Blood: The Last Vampire review)
  • Namco Press Event at Air Combat USA
  • Game Encounters Of The Feathered Kind (a look at penguins in video games)
  • T&T Book Review (Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Videogames, Supercade: A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1971-1984)
  • Tips & Tricks Reader Art Gallery

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    Title: Tips & Tricks Issue 82
    Month: December
    Year: 2001
    Publisher: Larry Flynt Publications
    Editor: Chris Bieniek
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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