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Video Games Issue 17

ISSUE: 17Content


  • Atari VCS - Atari 2600
  • Atari computers
  • ColecoVision
  • Commodore VIC-20
  • Commodore 64
  • Apple
  • Mattel Intellivision
  • Texas Instruments Compact Computer 40
  • Radio Shack TRS-80 Pocket Computer model PC-3
  • arcade
  • pinball

(TOC transcription follows, with (notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.)



Element Of Style

A close-up look at the origins of game design and play themes. (by Frank Lovece; 'Elements Of Style: The Origins of Game Design and Play Themes')

Mind Games

A sci-fi tale of interactive play opens new doors to the future. (prose by J. Ray Dettling; 'Mind Games: Interactive Play Opens New Doors To The Future')


A Fight To The Finish

Clint Eastwood and Atari join forces to bring Firefox to the video screen. (by Roger C. Sharpe; 'A Fight To The Finish: Atari's New Firefox Soars Across The Video Screen')

Coin-Op's AMOA

Previews and highlights of 1984's latest arcade attractions.

  • Coin-Op's AMOA: Showcasing 1984's Arcade Attractions (by Roger C. Sharpe; includes 'An Insider's Report' sidebar by Steve Epstein)
  • First Impressions Of A Singular Event (by Steve Harris; includes two-page 'Reflections on the AMOA' "sidebar" by Valarie Cognevich)

Beating The Coin-Ops

Tips and strategies for the latest arcade games. (by Steve Harris; 'Arcade Games: Playing Tips and Strategies')

  • Krull
  • Motorace USA


HYPERSPACE (editorial)

Insights into the issue at hand.

DOUBLESPEAK (letters column)

VIDEO GAMES' readers speak out.

BLIPS (news section)

Entering new dimensions; showtime in New York; another one bites the dust; the adventure continues; eight is enough and pocket-sized bytes.

  • Entering Another Dimension (Bouncer, "a 3-D real time interactive arcade video game")
  • The Adventure Continues (Atari Adventure family entertainment center)
  • Eight Is Enough (Multiple Game Album organizer)
  • Pocket-Sized Bytes (Radio Shack TRS-80 Pocket Computer model PC-3)
  • Another One Bites The Dust (Fox Video Games shutters)
  • Counting The Days (Computer Desk Diary organizer)
  • Showtime in New York: A Visit To The Electronic Fun Expo
  • To Err Is Human ('Human Error in Computer Systems' book)
  • Rainbow Designs (color ribbons for computer printers)


Design trends on view for '84: Jr. Pac-Man, Mega Zone, Ice Cold Beer, Radical Radial, Senjyo, and Donkey Kong 3. (commentary and arcade reviews by Zelmo)


Pinball's comeback continues: Gottlieb's...Ready...Aim...Fire! and Williams' Firepower II. (pinball commentary and reviews by Zelmo)


Shockwaves in the computer industry: Kaboom!, Creepy Corridors, Runaway 20, Moondust, (computer game commentary and reviews by Dave Persons and Mark Brownstein; 'The Year In Review: Shockwaves in the Computer Industry')

  • Kaboom! (Atari cart)
  • O'Riley's Mine (Atari disk/tape)
  • Rosen's Brigade (Atari disk/tape)
  • Strip Poker (Atari disk)
  • Jumpman Jr. (Atari cart)
  • Crossfire (C64 disk)
  • Creepy Corridors (VIC20 cart)
  • Runway 20 (VIC20 cart)
  • Skramble (C64 tape)
  • BC's Quest For Tires (Atari disk)
  • Pooyan (Atari disk/tape)
  • Moondust (C64 cart)
  • Roundabout (Apple disk)


New beginning for the New Year: Worm Whompers, Beamrider, Frostbite and more! (home video game commentary and reviews by Mark Brownstein, Dan Persons, Mike Sittnick; 'New Beginnings for the New Year')

  • Worm Whompers (Int)
  • Beamrider (Int)
  • Sub-Roc (CV)
  • Laser Gates (2600)
  • Truckin' (Int)
  • Mr. Do! (CV)
  • Moon Patrol (2600)
  • Jungle Hunt (2600)
  • Krull (2600)
  • Frostbite (2600)
  • Quick Step (2600)
  • Joust (2600)


A screen play that misses the mark. (by Richard Goodwin; 'Light Reading: A Screen Play That Misses The Mark;' review of 'Screen Play: The Story of Video Games' paperback)


Texas Instruments' small wonder: The Compact Computer 40. (by Mark Brownstein)


The Lost Arcade, The Zydroid Legend(sic) and The Video Kid (comic strips; including The Zydroid Legion)

STATS (high scores and Top lists)

Cover photo of Clint Eastwood from Firefox courtesy of Warner Bros.

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    Title: Video Games Issue 17
    Month: February
    Year: 1984
    Publisher: Pumpkin Press Inc
    Editor: Roger C. Sharpe
    Pages: 84
    Price: $2.95 USA, $3.25 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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