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  1. holup you're THAT Chris B? shiiii I was a huge gamer as a kid and T&T was the only mag I subbed to. NP and GP and the rest just didn't strike the same chord with me. Def part of it was reading those blurbs someone wrote in the power up section. One of the fav games listed there for you was Space Channel 5; fiancee ended up cosplaying Ulala lastyear at Fanime (we did a few others but Ulala didn't make it onto Twitter: https://imgur.com/a/3AxyRe8 ) So yeah, I'm nerding out hard that I got a reply from you haha. DM me an addy and I'll mail it over when I can!
  2. Fired off a PM to E-Day, based on the reply I'll go down my list of priorities. Sorry for the delays but work has me spending all but 2 of my waking hours at home (which is eaten up by things like showers and meal prep and dragging myself out of a warm bed) I'm curious though Chris - how big is your collection and why is Jul 2000 the sole nonsurvivor? x3
  3. I rate them "pretty darn okay". More seriously, I'm bad at what to look for so here's a bird's eye view of the 8 worst condition covers and a side view of the rest https://imgur.com/zdluuT2
  4. Basically what it says on the tin. Loved the mag but times are ruff and housing space is ruffer, so these have to go. Not sure if these are in anyone's stash or queue (from 97 to 00, ) Would be willing to ship from California at cost (or entertain someone willing to pick them up in Vallejo).