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  1. Correction: search "title:raw" text for raw/unedited.
  2. Hello. I'm a part of VGSC, a project dedicated to high-quality scanning that mostly revolves around gaming-related materials. If you're interested in standards of the projects, you can read about them here: https://scanning.guide/ 1. My main place of storage is archive.org: https://archive.org/details/@bigmanjapan I've already scanned 21 Japanese guide books (more to come), you can find them by searching my archive.org profile for "600 DPI" text in case if you want descreened/color calibrated variants (be sure to download CBZ archives, NOT PDF files — CBZ files are the initial uploaded files, PDF files are derived by archive.org and are of poorer quality) or searching for "RAW" text in case you want raw/unedited 1200 DPI variants of the same books. My point is, if you want to host them on retromags, feel free to do it. 2. Currently I reside in Russia and can help with scanning Russian gaming magazines. I browsed through the Russian magazines section here on retromags and have several question: a. Do you only accept scans and not e-book variants of the magazines? For example, Game.EXE magazine is almost entirely available in e-book quality. The e-books quality is better than any scan currently available on the net (on Russian torrent trackers, for example) but it would be worse in comparison to the same magazines scanned "properly" with VGSC standards. b. Have you searched through Russian torrent trackers for the materials that were already scanned? In general, nice project you have here.
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