Hank Leukart's Hacker's Guide to Doom


Have you got an itchy trigger finger, running on-line blood feuds, and a fondness for chainsaws? Then you're no stranger to Doom and Doom II and their malevolent tug on the heart and mind. Hank Leukart's Hacker's Guide to Doom takes the next step, showing you how to customize your Doom-iverse by creating new weapons, graphics, sound effects, and entire levels. With id Software's innovative game engine and software designed by some of the best Doom hackers around, you'll make the games your own. Whether you're into one-player, cooperative, or DeathMatch mode, this book will bring new life to this classic.

On the CD:

  • DEU v5.21--map creation editor
  • NewWEDTool v1.3--sound, graphics, and music editor
  • DeHackEd v2.2--weapon/enemy modifier, graphic animation frame editor
  • DoomCAD v4.3 and v5.1 for Windows--map editors
  • The latest editions of the "Official" DOOM FAQ and The Unofficial DOOM Specs
  • The author's tutorials
  • Custom levels and images
  • Extra graphics, sound, and music add-ons



    Title:Hank Leukart's Hacker's Guide to Doom
    Month: March
    Year: 1995
    Publisher: MIS:Press
    Length: 300
    Cost: $21.95 US / $28.95 CAN
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    UPC: 9781558284289

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