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How to Solve Scribblenauts Level 1-8 (Puzzle)




How to Solve Scribblenauts Level 1-8 (Puzzle)



World: The Gardens

Level: 8

Type: Puzzle

Par: 3

Hint: Clean up the park and get rid of the fly!

This is a basic level, your goal is to clean up the trash and get rid of the fly. How did I do it? I took the two pieces of trash on the ground and put them in the trashcan. Then I wrote "ball" and threw it at the trash in the tree, and then at the fly. If you have any other ways to solve this level, feel free to let us know via the comment system below B)



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Guest Samo502


spawn a nuke and go to the far left, it'll destroy everything in the level and even though you die you still get the star so you win

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I took all the trash away, also the fly. Then there is still one newspaper in the tree. I said "ladder", climbed it, and put it in the trashcan..

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Hey i did it and i got a fly-catcher and used the garbage can to my advantage and I got the star on a REINDEER :Yahooo:

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Guest Guest


i threw the trash away,got wings and flew and got the newspaper down, i got a gun and shot the fly. :nds:

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