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  1. I would suggest deleting all the issues in the download manager. If I have them all, there should be nine of them in there. Once everything on the site is fixed, I'll rename the scans and their pages and re-upload them. That way the issue number for the scan and its pages match everything on the site. Then I will upload the four that have been waiting for this issue to be resolved. Some for more than a year
  2. I've stopped doing the editing at my desktop in the basement and started doing it on my Surface Pro while watching television just because I didn't want to neglect one activity for editing anymore. And this way I can do two things at once and not feel like the time spent on something tedious like editing a scan could be better spent elsewhere. I haven't been watching much TV lately, which is while it's been a while since I edited a scan. But I will start on Phillyman's scan of EGM 64 very soon Unless the uploader scanned them all himself and allows us to edit them and upload them here (that's a lot of editing work), we cannot add the actual scans to our site. The other option is to create the database entry for the magazine and all the issues. Then you as a user could link to them on archive.org from here using the user download field.
  3. I had April 1997 three years ago, but it sacrificed itself in order to get scanned.
  4. I was never a fan of the 32-bit polygon look, even when I was living through it. The novelty of having a 3D world was great, but it was definitely ugly. These days I prefer 2D games with hand drawn graphics, 16-bit style graphics, or even the 2.5D stuff, or isometric games. Full 3D games except for racing and sports games don't really appeal to me.
  5. I have the February 2010 issue, according to my own spreadsheet, though I did take the poster out. I still have the poster, and it's in a frame. The Wii Sports Resort cover looks familiar, which make me think I might have it, but I don't have it listed. I just might be remembering seeing it on the newsstands for a couple of months. I mostly bought the magazine for the awesome posters they included.
  6. That painting is actually George H.W Bush, the good Bush president.
  7. If you already downloaded this file before this post, download it again. There was something wrong with the original upload.
  8. The file has been uploaded again. The file size should be ~253 megs, not 119.
  9. Retromags Presents! Expert Gamer Issue 78 December 2000 Database Entry! Download Directly! Thanks to Phillyman for scanning the issue (and to me for editing it)!
  10. Version 1.0.0


  11. 3.5 years later, EGM is missing in action and probably not returning, Pure Nintendo Magazine is digital only, and @Gamer Magazine is gone. Official Xbox Magazine, Nintendo Force, PC Gamer and Game Informer are still going. Add to that Little Player (U.S. only https://www.shoplittleplayer.com/), and Retro. Apart from OXM and PC Gamer, which are still on newsstands, and Game Informer which is only in Gamestop and EB Games, everything else has to be ordered online; Patreon for Nintendo Force and Retro.
  12. Retromags Presents! NGamer Issue 1 December/January 2000 Database Entry! Download Directly! Thanks to Phillyman for scanning the issue (and to me for editing it)!