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  1. I am currently looking around and researching what the best device is to use to play my media in my living room. When I first started doing this, I had the simple WD TV HD Live. It was slow and ugly, but it worked. Then I got the model up, which looked a bit nicer and had WiFi, but was still ugly unless you created thumbnail images for every file and folder. Then I funded the EzeeCube on Indiegogo and was happy with it for a while, until it just stopped working and basically needed me to take out the hard drive, reformat it, and start from scratch. And then needed me to do this yet again. I have yet tried to set it up with a different drive. It also doesn't help that the company is basically gone, and promises of a return have so far been empty. After dealing with that headache, I set up a Raspberry Pi 3 with LibreElec and Kodi, and combined with a Flirc so I could use my Harmony remote, it worked great for several months. Until it crashed. After that, half the buttons on the remote wouldn't register. I tried another board, I tried another install, An older version, a newer version; same deal. The remote will work fine for a bit, and then suddenly for no apparent reason, some of the buttons stop working. If I put the Flirc into my Surface Pro and use it with Kodi on there, it works perfectly fine. Then if I put it back in the Pi, it works perfectly fine. Needless to say, this is a huge hassle. So I am looking for something that will just work without me needing to babysit it or constantly tweak it so it will keep working. I am convinced that a DIY solution running on a version of Linux with Kodi is going to be nothing but a hassle. So at the moment I am looking into the Nvidia Shield TV, and an Intel NUC. I know the Shield runs some sort of variant of Linux, but it's basically plug and play. And I like the idea of a NUC because the Windows version of Kodi seems to always just work, it has an IR receiver so my remote will work with it, and it can be a proper computer in the living room. The startup cost is quite high though. So what does everyone else use? And how do you have your media organized? All mine is on my NAS and is stream to the living room through the Pi over ethernet. And do you use Kodi, or something else like Plex? Plex isn't as pretty as Kodi, but it's more "set it and forget it", which I like. My NAS isn't powerful enough to do any transcoding, so I won't be able to access stuff outside my home or over WiFi if it's 1080p video, but that's fine with me. I watched a video comparing Plex on six devices, including the Shield, NUC, Xbox One, and three others. Sadly, it was very slow on the Xbox One, which is a shame because if it was any good I could just use it as my media box since it has a Plex app (NUC was the best, followed by the Shield).
  2. E-day's Work In Progress

    You did not, but I can understand why; it's awesome Have I mentioned lately how much I hate editing posters? It seems like no matter what, I can never get it super perfect. It takes me about 3-4 hours to scan one Nintendo Power on my Canon flatbed. I am sure if I didn't scan as TIFF and lowered the resolution, and didn't scan it as a magazine it would go much faster. But why sacrifice quality?
  3. Net Neutrality and Zero Rating

    I think it's worse in Canada. Not including public broadcasters like CBC and Radio-Canada, individual provincial public channels, and APTN, almost all the television and radio stations are owned by Bell Media, Rogers Communications, and Corus Entertainment. And I think Internet is even less, with Bell and Rogers being the two major "owners (having invested the most), though Vidéotron basically replaces Rogers in Quebec as the major player, and out west Telus has a large presence.
  4. New Release: EGM2 Issue 8 February 1995

    The file is now showing 255 MB on the download page. Download it, my children.
  5. New Release: EGM2 Issue 8 February 1995

    Actually, I think something happens between the upload finishing and me clicking Save. When the upload was done, the file size was 255 MB, which is what it should be. But on the Download page, it was 91 MB. Unless that 255 was the size it was reading from the upload source.
  6. New Release: EGM2 Issue 8 February 1995

    @kitsunebi77, No, I leave the window alone until I hear the sound and get the notification that it finished uploading. I'll take a look this evening and see what's wrong. I remember checkign my CBZ after creating it and it worked fin and all the pages seemed to be there. I even looked at the file size reported by the site and the file size reported by Windows Explorer and they matched.
  7. E-day's Work In Progress

    EGM2 Issue 8 is now available. And so is the GamePro Super Mario RPG Strategy Guide supplement. What next? I have a large stack of GamePro and a large Stack of Nintendo Power. I have some that were already disassembled for scanning with my ADF. I will probably rescan those with my flatbed...
  8. Retromags Presents! EGM2 Issue 8 February 1995 Database Entry! Download Directly!
  9. EGM2 Issue 08 February 1995

    Version 1.0.0


  10. Version 1.0.0


  11. Net Neutrality and Zero Rating

    Are you talking about internet service or cell phone data? We have unlimited internet bandwidth in Canada, it just costs extra. We get hosed on cellphone data though. The US does as well compared to Europe. You can get 4GB of 4G data, unlimited minutes and text withing the country, and 100 minutes of talk time to a bunch of other countries for 20 Euros a month.
  12. Your wishlist, if money was of no concern

    I would go for: A big house like this one, but bigger and custom built, with a topless maid and topless pool girl and topless female chef and topless female gardener. It would be equipped with loads of solar panels, geothermal heating/cooling, and a grey water system. It would also be as automated as possible. a 2002 Limited Edition Pontiac Trans Am Firebird among a variety of cars 100 acres of land in the country so i could use my telescope And a bunch of stuff for in the house, like a pool table, air hockey table, original games and consoles, a ridiculously large TV, full Dolby Atmos sound system, triple wall ovens, giant fridge, a cold room for hanging Italian sausages made by the topless female sausage maker, large aquarium, my own server rack to be able to serve media anywhere in the house so my DVDs and Blu-ray and UHD Blu-rays stay safe and scratch free.