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  1. E-Day

    Seed box and Server Goals

    He's usually too busy to answer everything, or something that will take some thought. I wouldn't want to step on his toes with suggesting that, though I've let him know that I was annoyed at us that we didn't think of doing this ourselves. He actually has a magazine on loan from me for one of his Let's Read videos. He did let me know a while ago that Coury from My Life in Gaming was wondering if I wanted to go on their show to talk about the site. I said that Phillyman would be the best person for that as he knows the ins and outs of the site and started it. I only ran it for two years, and it happened to be during MegaUpload's takedown
  2. E-Day

    gingerbeardman work in progress

    I'll check that out tonight hopefully. I should give deskew another go. I think I tried it a while back but couldn't get it to work.
  3. E-Day

    gingerbeardman work in progress

    I have an action in Photoshop that will do the colour correction and resizing /saving all at once. What takes me time is straightening pages and cropping the edges.
  4. E-Day

    Playstation Classic

    So Japan probably got their own version, which makes sense since there are a lot of inherently Japanese games that never get released outside of the country. But that still won't fix the emulator issues that people have been complaining about. I was at my local big box store, and they had a cabinet full of the PlayStation Classic. Full, as in maybe they sold one or two. A far cray from trying to get the SNES Classic or NES Classic the last two Christmases.
  5. E-Day

    Seed box and Server Goals

    If I did get kickbacks, I would have at least one Fujitsu ADF scanner by now. Are any of us good enough writers to write a decent game review that doesn't sound like someone trying to project themselves beyond their abilities? I like this idea, but I don't know if anyone here but Areala could do it. Plus I think people who would be into this stuff would lean towards a physical publication rather than digital, and that's a whole other kettle of fish. But retrospective publications that talk about certain games, with a current review as well as what magazines were saying about it at the time as well as strategies would be nifty. We would probably need some legal expert to let us know how much we could quote before it became plagiarism. What I wish we had thought of years ago is something Chris from the Classic Gaming Quarterly YouTube channel started doing almost four years ago, and that is reading through old game magazines and discussing the content and the games. So simple, so brilliant, and so perfect for this site. Yet none of us thought about that. Sure, we could start doing it now, but that would be a bit of a dick move since he's a friend of the site and it was his idea. Darn!
  6. E-Day

    Playstation Classic

    I know they weren't. But because of how they included the games for it (NTSC and PAL), and not including a power brick, it seemed like they made one version that they can ship to every part of the world, and thus the problem with the North American version will be the same on the version sold in Japan. Out of the list of the included games, the only one I ever played was Final Fantasy VII. It was good, and I would say the 38 is fair. I would also say that VIII should therefore get a 39 and IX should get a 40
  7. E-Day

    E-day's Work In Progress

    Scan #292 is done. GamePro Issue something. I've left it with Melki to edit while I move on to scanning the next issue
  8. E-Day

    gingerbeardman work in progress

    That doesn't seem to be one that is in our database. Excellent! What are these tools you're using. Apart from Photoshop, what do the others do?
  9. E-Day

    Playstation Classic

    I think it's irrelevant considering the issues that have been pointed out between the emulator but working well to several games being the PAL version. So a lot of games game don't play the same anymore. They should rereview the games to be accurate.
  10. E-Day

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    This calls for a thumbs up.
  11. E-Day

    E-day's Work In Progress

    For scanning I think so far I saw maybe one of those. I brought up another stack of GamePro that I am going to sort through and de-bind, so I might have some of these. I know I don't have the GamePro with Doom 3 on the cover because I don't even have that one in my personal keep forever collection.
  12. E-Day

    Playstation Classic

    Wipeout being absent makes no sense, but Gran Tourismo works require ridiculous licensing again for all the cars, so I'm not surprised by that. These licensing deals for cars in games and players shouldn't expire. They should be fine so that the games can be re-released in the future.
  13. E-Day

    E-day's Work In Progress

    I used to be able to edit scans at work during down time and could sometimes edit a magazine in a day. Since they locked down our USB ports I haven't been able to do that, so it's all done at home. Now instead of dedicating time to scanning and editing I'll do it while watching TV.
  14. E-Day

    Stapling magazines? And other questions

    I have mine in banker boxes with the magazines stored vertically. For my GamePro magazines I have each of them in individual resealable magazine bags, like these or these. I'm contemplating adding backing boards as well, but that would mean less magazines per box, and another box to keep around.