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  1. Retromags Presents! Compute! Issue 40 September 1983 Database Entry! Download Directly! Thanks to Phillyman for scanning this issue (and to me for editing it!)
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Compute! Issue 040 (September 1983)
  3. Just watch, don't play

    I've only ever watched one Let's Play, and that was of the game Mickey Mania for the Genesis. The only reason i watched it was because the guy playing through it was John Burton, the founder of Traveller's Tales and the main programmer for the game. So as he played through he explained how they achieved many of the visual tricks they did. Those kinds of Let's Plays I can watch all day. The rest I have no interest in.
  4. Perhaps this is why Future has not come knocking yet?
  5. E-day's Work In Progress

    Nintendo Power Issue 166 March 2003 is now available. Next will be the Flying Warriors comic for GamePro Issue 19, and then I think I have one more Issue of Nintendo Power already debound. If not, I will be editing a bunch of scans Phillyman recently did.
  6. Retromags Presents! Nintendo Power Issue 166 March 2003 Database Entry! Download Directly! Thanks to Facebook user Kanghyuk Blair Naujok for donating this issue!
  7. Gamepro #17 missing Flying Warriors Comic

    Comic is scanned. Now all that is left is editing and updating the GamePro scan
  8. Gamepro #17 missing Flying Warriors Comic

    I have two copies of this issue, and the second one has the comic. I will start saving it in the next couple of days.
  9. Gamepro #17 missing Flying Warriors Comic

    I have issue 19, so I'll check later today to see if my copy has it. If it does, I will update the scan.