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  1. E-Day

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    In the name of consistency, yes
  2. E-Day

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    I should actually move mine under tutorials like you did. Then it would have a proper breadcrumb and stuff. Maybe that will be tonight's project.
  3. E-Day

    Why do you visit Retromags?

    Need to scan more GamePros...or edit the ones Phillyman scanned
  4. E-Day

    Why do you visit Retromags?

    I keep wanting to be more active, but I am in one of my downturn periods. I go through cycles where I'll be quite active and motivated, and then not so active and motivated. It keeps going like this, much like pro wrestling and its up and down swings. Part of it is that the forum isn't that active, and I realize that not being as active as I would like contributes to that. Another part of it I think, is when Phillyman drops off the site for weeks or months at a time. When things aren't getting tweaked or fixed or improved, I lose some motivation. Maybe we can just blame it all on him It also doesn't help that it's now becoming summer, so there are a large number of things I would rather be doing than being on my computer
  5. E-Day

    N64 Magazine Issue 30

    This is the cover gallery. Anything available for download will be in the download section.
  6. E-Day

    Hard Drive I Found At Work Today...

    George W. Bush would be more accurate. That 10.1GB drive is from around 2000.
  7. E-Day

    Literally: How do I give scans to Retromags

    You're new here, so you're not aware of the issues we had years ago when anyone could upload and we got a lot of crap-looking scans from members. Some people may be fine with that, and that kind of stuff is fine for archive.org, but we're different. Content owners know we exist and almost all of them leave us alone. Part of that is because we represent their content well. If Steve Harris comes along again and sees nice looking scans of GamePro and Game Players, but sees that a bunch of EGMs are terrible quality scans, he might take exception to that and instead of asking if he could use our scans for a project, he could tell us t take them down. On top of that, Scarred Sun wouldn't be re-uploading everything. The would upload one to some file sharing site. If it's good, one of us would upload it here for him. Then he could upload the rest. You're assuming he already uploaded them somewhere. He can definitely upload them to Archive, and we can link to them, though if those scans get removed, we now have a bunch of broken links.
  8. E-Day

    Literally: How do I give scans to Retromags

    He could do that too. Unlike archive.org, we want all the stuff we host to be of great quality.
  9. E-Day

    Literally: How do I give scans to Retromags

    Upload it to some torn-down file-sharing site (dropbox, mega, whatever) or your personal cloud (OneDrive, Google Drive where you can create a share link for the file), and put the link in this thread. We'll look over the scan and if it's good quality and is up to our par, you get moved from Newbie to Team Member which will allow you tp upload on your own.
  10. Sadly at the moment I don't think there is a way to auto change the cutoff date for all the mags each January 1st. Phillyman was going to look into writing some sort of script that he could run every January for that, but that hasn't happened yet. There is a long list of things to do on this site at all times. Right now it's trying to find a new web host because of recent issues with the current one. If more people were willing to edit scans, it would be great. But I understand why we don't. Editing is basically bitch work; it's very time consuming. Speaking of that, there is another issue of Compute I should start editing...
  11. E-Day

    Compute! Issue 047 Vol. 6, No. 4 April 1984

    Ha! Not only did I upload a cover that large, I did so to replace the existing one. How it worked, I have no idea.
  12. E-Day

    Compute! Issue 047 Vol. 6, No. 4 April 1984

    There we go.
  13. E-Day

    Compute! Issue 047 Vol. 6, No. 4 April 1984

    Hmm. Clearly I uploaded the one meant for the download page...
  14. Retromags Presents! Compute! Issue 47 April 1984 Database Entry! Download Directly! Thanks to Phillyman for scanning this issue (and to me for editing it!)