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  1. kitsunebi77's random stuff

    The work you do on that section is a good example for others new and current members that you don't have to scan to contribute. What you do is just as much preservation as scanning an issue of a magazine. We need the info on the magazines just as much as the scans of them. Personally I'd rather you fill the databases with this info than scanning the odd magazine. It's invaluable. But with that load you just got scan those before you slow down.
  2. Hopefully you'll run Cat6 or 7 instead of 5 when you get around to it While HBO is not available, The Movie Network airs all of HBO's shows. So if users pay extra for The Movie Network, they can watch anything that HBO produces as though they had HBO.
  3. If I can get them shipped to Canada, I will take them off your hands. I work here but did not get a PM from you. But my feels aren't hurt. Honest.
  4. New Cut-off dates for 2018

    Official Xbox Magazine is till kicking around too. But that too is a reprint of the UK version from what I can tell. The only Future published magazine that is still 100% American (or North American if you will), as far as I know is Maximum PC. Though if you want to subscribe you have to go through Future's UK website or call their UK offices. I'm not sure how much longer that magazine is going to last though, as their Statement of Ownership states they only had 26,328 paid subscriptions and about 9,100 sales through newsstands. It's the last PC magazine left, since Computer Shopper, PC World and PC Mag all went digital. I saw PC Gamer on the newsstand and saw that they were at issue 300, but they did not promote it at all on the cover or have anything inside the magazine talking about it. There are a few print magazines that you can't buy on newsstands, but have to get through online subscriptions or Patreon. Our market is dead for gaming and (almost dead for) computer magazines, but the hobbyist stuff like scale modelling and quilting and those sorts of things are plentiful. It will become a niche market for niche topics. I actually like Game Informer. It's a bit dull in layout and a lot of the games they cover, but they seem to be honest when it comes to reviewing games. EDIT: it looks like the cutoff dates weren't adjusted last year, as the 2007 issues of some magazines like Nintendo Power still say "Not Allowed".
  5. For several years we had cable through Rogers. Then at one point they raised the price of it by quite a bit. We had a grandfathered package that was just above basic. The price increase didn't give us more channels; the only change was a fancier looking (and laggy) on screen menu. We cancelled all our services with them and went with a smaller ISP for phone and internet. At that point local TV was taken care of with an internal antenna (when we got reception), and everything else was downloaded and watched on my old WDTV HD media player. Then we moved and I had a really good antenna installed on the roof, which now got me channels from Watertown, NY. But because I had no way to record them, and most of the stuff we watch starts when it's time to put the kids to sleep, I still downloaded everything we wanted to watch. Two and a half years ago, Bell was doing a bunch of canvassing in Ottawa because they lost a ton of customers to Rogers over the years. They just made Fibe TV available in most of the city, so they were signing people up. At this point I was tired of having to keep track of when a new showed aired, finding it, downloading it, moving it to the media player, plus the kids were getting older and it was hard to tell them that stealing is wrong when I was basically doing just that. So Bell comes along, offering their basic Fibe TV package with and HD PVR, Fibe internet at 50mbps down and 10mbps up with unlimited usage, and home phone with all the calling features and free long distance in Canada and the US for $99.99/month for three years. Considering I was paying my ISP $85 with tax for internet that was only 15mbps/1mbps and basic home phone with one feature, it seemed like a no brainer. When my deal ends this summer, if they can match it or come close, I will stay with it. I enjoy the fast internet and having a PVR. Even with their basic package, I have more channels and shows than I can watch (and the package includes TSN and Sportsnet, Data ). There are still shows we don't get that I download, like anything on HBO, Showtime, AMC, and so forth, and several shows for the kids. Those I still download. For me it's a matter of affordability. If I had the money, I would have all the channels. But I would need A LOT of money to justify what they would charge for that.
  6. E-day's Work In Progress

    Nintendo Power Issue 159 August 2002 is now available. Up next: Nintendo Power Issue 166 March 2003 (scan #282).
  7. Retromags Presents! Nintendo Power Issue 159 August 2002 Database Entry! Download Directly! Thanks to Facebook user Kanghyuk Blair Naujok for donating this issue!
  8. marktrade's work in progress

    I get that, but if there is no entity owning the rights to the magazine anymore, there is no one to come after us. It's like abandonware when the company is gone and no one bought the IP. It's not 100% legal, but it's in more of a grey area since there is no one to enforce the copyright. Or companies actually abandon the program. An example is Microsoft. They no longer support older versions of Windows. Tons of sites are offering Windows 98 and the like for download for free and have since support ended, and Microsoft isn't bothering with it.
  9. marktrade's work in progress

    As far as I know, the only magazines that I knew we existed but ignored us were GamePro and EGM. I communicated years with GamePro's editor at the time, Sid Shuman, and they were aware of us. He did an interview for our site as well. It's buried somewhere. EGM was the other. Steve Harris also did an interview for this site (also buried somewhere), and also asked about using our scans for an upcoming project in the last year or two. He had full reason to tell us to take his stuff down, but he didn't. This could be for several reasons: We are preserving content he had lost access to We aren't making money from his stuff He isn't trying to sell digitized versions himself We stay out of the spotlight and won't fight with content owners about their content. Gamefan and Game Informer are the others that I know know we exist, and we all know they do not want us doing what we do. But they are all civil people requesting their stuff be removed instead of jumping right to a lawsuit. Does Nintendo know we exist? Or Future plc? No clue. Maybe Chris Slate, former EiC of Nintendo Power, Game Players, PSM, etc knows, but if he does he hasn't said anything to anyone letting them know. I reckon that Nintendo doesn't know otherwise they would have come knocking already. Legally we don't really have the right to do what we do. Our scans aren't searchable in the sense that you can search for specific references, if that matters. The only magazines we may be allowed to scan are the ones that are abandoned where no person or company owns the copyright to them because the original publisher disappeared and their assets and IP were not bought by someone else.
  10. You have yet to be screwed over by someone from Canada ;). Magazines aren't that expensive to ship here, usually going as lettermail because they are thin enough, and not needing a value or customs form. But I digress. Hopefully you get what you are looking for for it