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New Here... Hello Everyone....

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Hey all. I found this site last week and joined, so I'm making my introductory post.

I'm a 34 year old gamer from BC Canada.

I used to own my own video game store, but closed down May Long Weekend 2005.

I still have ALL my stock (well a good 95% of it ayways) leftover.

I have been collecting video game magazines ALL my life (even going back to the days of "Blip" magazine (used to cover Atari 2600 games). I still have a few issues of that somewhere. I have (no word of a lie) at least 500+ magazines, books and Player/Strategy Guides.

Im not a big fan of e-books, but Im starting to get into them more. I'll see if I can contribute something to the group.

PHILLYFAN - I'll go through my stuff, and make a donation to you. I see your offering free membership if I contribute something, but I dont mind paying via PayPal when I get some funds in. I like your cause, and dont mind helping you out. So I'll donate some stuff AND pay my dues. Now you can't argue with that huh?

If any of you ever wanna talk over Xbox 360 on Xbox Live, add me: SUPER NINTENDAN

I'm usually on nightly.

Anyways, I look forward to frequenting this board from here on.


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Hey there Dan always nice to meet a fellow old school gamer. Sounds like you've done something that I've been trying to do for years (owning a video game store) my brother is trying to get me to come down to TX so that we can open an arcade and game shop. But with that aside any help with the project is always welcomed by the entire community.

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I should've known there'd be such an amazing source for this type of stuff on the net, I'm surprised I haven't looked earlier.

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