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Egm - 1-100 I Have All That Arent Posted...and I Want To Help

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Well, 2009 brought a whole slew of projects and resolutions that I want to accomplish. One of them happens to be to contribute in some way to this site and help give back to the hobby that I have loved for so many years. I have ALWAYS been an avid magazine reader and collector. Unfortunately, due to life changes, moving and sheer weight, I have thrown out more magazines in my younger years than I ever care to imagine. However, Electronic Gaming Monthly always held a special place to me and was one of the few that I always kept. After combing through the list of ones that have not been posted, I own the issues listed below (Note: I have checked the WIP, but I heard it is not up to date, so I simply ignored it.)

Issue 004

Issue 005 (also known as the 1990 Buyers Guide)

Issue 006 thru Issue 014

Issue 015 (also known as the 1991 Buyers Guide)

Issue 016 thru Issue 024

Issue 026

Issue 028 thru Issue 032

Issue 043

Issue 054

Issue 089

I, like many others, would love to see them preserved digitally. Unfortunately, I do not have the time or patience to sit there and scan page after page. I would be willing to work with the established powers at be on this site to provide them for scanning if they wish. I only ask that they are kept intact and that I get them back when the scanning is complete.

I also have an almost complete run of Next Generation which, down the road, I would also be willing to contribute for scanning. However, my personal preference is to see EGM 1-100 completed first.

So, if Phillyman or Meppi read this, please PM me as I would like to start an offline dialog to make it happen.


Joseph (aka Vince4587)

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The problem with EGM is that because they are perfect bound, it is hard to scan them without debinding them since a decent portion at the spine doesn't get scanned properly. And forcing the edge of the page against the scanner might damage the spine or the magazine.

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The getting them back intact is also my main preocupation. I do hope

you find someone with the time and skill to do that for you, since

old EGMs are the reason I've found this site

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