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Game Description

PALAMEDES is a puzzle-shooter... a refreshing new type of video game for which you'll need sharp wits and quick fingers to escape the lines of dice that come rapidly plummeting down on you.

Your objective is very simple, destroy the cascading lines of dice before you are squashed under their weight.

"WAIT...WAIT A SECOND!!" You'll hear yourself frantically cry over and over again, as you play alone, in a match or against the computer in tournament play. PALAMEDES is fun for the whole family. Use the handicap during match play so each person can compete on equal footing 

The pace is fast and the action intense. PALAMEDES is not for the weak or for the meek.

Game Information

    System: Nintendo Entertainment System
    Publisher: Hot B
    Developer: Taito
    Genre: Puzzle
    Release Date: November 1990
    Strategy Guides:

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