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BugBug was launched by Sun Publishing Group in 1992 as a general PC game magazine, but weak initial sales prompted them to switch their focus towards adult games beginning with the third issue, at which point sales began to steadily increase, and currently it remains one of the longest running game magazines still being published in Japan.


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  2. BugBug Super Remix

    BugBug Super Remix was preceded by Dennou Bishoujo-gumi and Dennou Bishoujo-gumi Super Remix, and is comprised of reprints of articles from BugBug magazine.
  3. Comic BugBug

    This spin-off from BugBug was a comics magazine and featured manga based on adult games as well as original adult manga. Only 5 issues were published, after which time some of the ongoing manga series were transferred over and continued in the regular BugBug magazine.
  4. Dennou Bishoujo-gumi

    Dennou Bishoujo-gumi (電脳美少女組) was a title which reprinted content from BugBug magazine. It was succeeded by Dennou Bishoujo-gumi Super Remix (the first issue of which technically preceeded the final issue of Dennou Bishoujo-gumi by two months).
  5. Dennou Bishoujo-gumi Super Remix

    Dennou Bishoujo-gumi Super Remix (電脳美少女組 Super Remix) was a title which reprinted content from BugBug magazine. It was preceeded by Dennou Bishoujo-gumi and ran for 6 issues before being relaunched as BugBug Super Remix.
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