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  1. Developer: Cyan Worlds Publisher: SunSoft Release: March 22, 1991
  2. Harukanaru Augusta: New 3D Golf Simulation (遙かなるオーガスタ) Developer/Publisher: T&E Soft Release: April 5, 1991
  3. Sangokushi II (三国志II, released in the USA as Romance of the Three Kingdoms II) Developer/Publisher: Koei Release: November 2, 1990
  4. Famicom Top Management (ファミコン トップマネジメント ) Developer/Publisher: Koei Release: December 12, 1990
  5. $80??? Jeezum crow, that's over $6 an issue! For a subscription? I guess it was one of those 0% off the cover price subscriptions. Liking Star Trek doesn't make you a nerd. Being a grown-ass adult reading Nintendo Power makes you a nerd. The aroma of nerd is so thick up in here, a little bit of Star Trek can't help but to clear the air a bit.
  6. Retromags Presents! The Official Star Trek Fan Club of the U.K. 002 (Autumn 1993) Download Directly! Scanned By: kitsunebi Edited By: kitsunebi Uploaded By: kitsunebi Follow us on...
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Short, but high quality for a "fan club" mag. And best of all, A4 size so I can scan it. Stupid UK and your oversized mags...
  8. Jumbo Ozaki no Hole In One (ジャンボ尾崎のホールインワン, released in the USA as HAL's Hole in One Golf) Developer/Publisher: HAL Labs Release: February 23, 1991
  9. Jackie Chan (ジャッキーチェン, released in the USA as Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu) Developer: Now Production Publisher: Hudson Release: January 25, 1991
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