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Dengeki Gamecube Issue 25

ISSUE: 25Content

Beginning with this issue, editorial policy shifted them magazine's focus towards appealing to Nintendo's core audience of young children.  The way the magazine's title was officially written was changed from "電撃GAME CUBE" to "デンゲキギームキューブ," de-emphasizing the Japanese kanji and eliminating roman alphabet letters that were too difficult for their intended audience to be able to read. 

Additionally, to further appeal to children, character goods began to be regularly packed in with each issue.  For example, this issue came packaged with:

· Mario Kart Double Dash !! Fastest Guide
· Pokemon clear binder
· Pokemon Mini Notebook
· Pokemon mini stickers
· Pokemon Paper Figure

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    Title: Dengeki Gamecube Issue 25
    Month: January
    Year: 2004
    Publisher: MediaWorks
    Price: ¥590
    Country: Japan
    Language: Japanese
    Votes: 0

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