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Super Play Issue 1

ISSUE: 1Content


  • SNES


  • Most Wanted Dudes
    • Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge
    • Super Smash TV
    • WWF Super Wrestlemania
    • Terminator 2: Judgment Day
    • The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare
    • Krusty's Super Fun House

    [*]New: Dracula's Horror Trip! For Your Super-NES!!!

    • Castlevania (NES)
    • Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (NES)
    • Castlevania: The Adventure (Game Boy)
    • Super Castlevania IV

    [*]Lemmings (Game Boy, NES)


(All games are for the SNES unless noted)

SUPER EXPRESS (News and previews)

  • New Magazine For Super NES Launched! (What is Super Play?)
  • UK Release Previews
    • Terminator 2: Judgment Day
    • Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge
    • The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare
    • Alien 3
    • Super Strike Gunner
    • Shanghai
    • Spindizzy Worlds
    • Test Drive 2
    • Warpspeed
    • Universal Soldier
    • Super Turrican
    • Kick Off 2
    • Pro Soccer
    • Popolous
    • Popolous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods
    • Desert Strike
    • PGA Tour Golf
    • NHLPA Hockey '93
    • Road Rash
    • John Madden Football '93
    • Top Racer
    • Nigel Mansell's World Championship
    • Utopia
    • Video Kid
    • Super Adventure Island
    • Prince of Persia
    • Cybernator
    • Gradius III
    • Railroad Tycoon
    • F-117A
    • Super Strike Eagle
    • Paperboy 2
    • Chessmaster
    • Wing Commander
    • Terminator
    • Battletoads
    • Pushover
    • Exhaust Heat
    • Cool World
    • The Addams Family
    • Mr Nutz
    • Super James Pond
    • Gods
    • The Chaos Engine
    • Sensible Soccer
    • Super SWIW
    • Indy Heat
    • The Lawnmower Man
    • Troddlers
    • Myth
    • Putty
    • The Blues Brothers
    • Titus the Fox
    • The Brainies
    • Jack Nicklaus Golf
    • Super Off Road
    • Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team
    • Jimmy Connors' Pro Tennis Tour
    • Battle Isle

    [*]Just Bought The Issue? Then Phone Us Now! (Phone Super Play and tell them what you think about the new magazine)

    [*]Mario the Movie (The upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie)

    [*]Super SWIV

    [*]Super Play's Hot List (Games played by the Super Play crew)

    • Parodius
    • Super Aleste (Space Megaforce)
    • Prince of Persia
    • Street Fighter II
    • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    • Contra III: The Alien Wars

    [*]Robocop 3

    [*]Books (Video game books)

    • Super NES Game Secrets
    • Castlevania: The Official Hint Book

    [*]It's Here! The Biggest UK Games Show Ever! (The 1992 Future Entertainment Show)

    [*]Win £10,000! (Compete in the National Computer Games Championship in the UK)

    [*]Head to Head: Capcom Power Stick Fighter vs Apollo Joystick (Arcade style SNES controllers comparison)

    [*]Anime World (Manga and anime)

    • Anime: What It's All About (How much does anime share with video games?)

    [*]PAL Booster For Imported SUPER Famicom and SNES (Run NTSC SNES on PAL TVs)

    [*]Exhaust Heat

    [*]Only in Japan (Weird news from Japan)

    • Mozart Used to Cure Baldness (Mozart's French Horn Concerto No3 with a special shampoo are sold as a cure for baldness)
    • Electric Shock for School Kids (Japanese school kids were given electric shocks when not performing)


    [*]Cartridge Power (Some cartridges have coprocessors that help with more advanced games)

    [*]Accolade's Big Two for This Winter

    • Test Drive II
    • Warp Speed


  • Super Play Interview (With Richard Kay and Mike Webb of Software Creations)


  • The Super Nintendo: The Complete Guide (Everything you need to know about the SNES)
  • UK, US and Japanese Machines: Those Differences in Full (The differences between the different types of SNES)
  • A Grey Importer's Story (Small interview with Console Concepts that imports SNES games)
  • Win a Super Adaptor with Super Play! (Win a Super Adaptor by Games Galore by participating in a quiz)

IMPORT REVIEW (Review of imported games)

  • Super Mario Kart
  • Out of This World
  • The Simpson's: Bart's Nightmare
  • Dinosaurs
  • Super Pang
  • Golden Fighter
  • Hook
  • Super Bowling
  • Xandra's Big Adventure
  • Super F1 Circus
  • Super F1 Circus: Head to Head (Super F1 Circus compared to other similar games)
    • F1 Grand Prix
    • Battle Grand Prix
    • GPX Cyber Formula



PLAYER'S GUIDE (Video game guides)

  • Prince of Persia
  • Steet Fighter II

UK REVIEW (Reviews of games sold in the UK)

  • Dragon's Lair
  • Street Fighter II
  • Super Smash TV
  • Super Castlevania IV
  • Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja
  • Krusty's Super Fun-House
  • F-Zero
  • Pilotwings
  • SimCity
  • Super R-Type
  • Super Tennis
  • The Addams Family
  • Super Soccer
  • Super WWF
  • U.N. Squadron
  • Final Fight

MODE 7 (Cheats and tips)

  • Battle Blaze
  • Parodius
  • Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts
  • Magic Sword
  • Rushing Beat (Rival Turf)
  • SimCity
  • Hyper Zone
  • John Madden's Football
  • U.N. Squadron
  • Ultraman
  • Super Smash TV
  • The Addams Family
  • Super Tennis

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    Title: Super Play Issue 1
    Month: November
    Year: 1992
    Editor: Matt Bielby
    Pages: 100
    Price: £1.95
    Country: United Kingdom
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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