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Computer Gaming World Issue 15

ISSUE: 15Content


  • So You Still Want to Write a Computer Game (Chris Crawford expands on his original editorial to encompass the changes that have swept the industry in the last two years)
  • Bridge: Goren Computerized (Bob Proctor plays a few rounds with Goren's Learning Bridge Made Simple for the Apple)
  • Carrier Force: The Fog of War At Its Foggiest (Tom Cheche reviews SSI's Carrier Force)
  • Directory of Game Manufacturers (A massive [and now completely outdated] directory of every software development house that had published a piece of home computer software prior to April 1st, 1984)
  • RobotWar Tournament Results (Ladies and gentlemen, we have...a draw?!)
  • Planet Photon (Coming to a city near you, the massive laser light gun arena...)


  • Inside the Industry (Dana Lombardy's column is a survey interfacing with the R.I.D. for this issue)
  • Taking a Peek
    • Kaboom! (Atari/C64/Adam)
    • Megamania (Atari/C64/Adam)
    • Pitfall (Atari/C64/Adam)
    • River Raid (Atari/C64/Adam)
    • Excalibur (Atari)
    • Under Southern Skies (Apple)
    • Space Cowboy (Atari)
    • Baron (Many)
    • Star Ferry (Apple)
    • Samson and Delilah (C64/Apple)
    • Gnosis VII (Apple)
    • Planetmaster (Apple)
    • Safetyline (Atari)
    • Storyline (Atari)
    • Mig Alley Ace (Atari)
    • Crisis Mountain (Atari)
    • Hallowe'en (Apple)
    • Forbidden Quest (Apple)
    • After Pearl (Atari)
    • Dawn of Civilization (Atari)
    • Questron (Apple/Atari)
    • Flight Simulator II (Apple/Atari/C64)

    [*]Letters (Because readers have opinions. Sometimes even good ones.)

    [*]Hobby and Industry News (Two pages' worth of news this issue! Lots of stuff going on.)

    [*]Dispatches (Dan Bunten's own designer notes on M.U.L.E.)

    [*]Scorpion's Tale (Scorpia plays around with Infocom's Starcross)

    [*]Chip & Ferb (Mark Eliot's comic strip about a user trying to outwit his computer; two strips this issue!)

    [*]Tele-Gaming (Patricia Fitzgibbons focuses on FRPGs on CompuServe and other online systems)

    [*]Name of the Game (Jon Freeman gripes about the idea of the "software superstar")

    [*]The Commodore Key (Roy Wagner looks at several titles available only on the C64)

    [*]Micro Reviews

    • Parthian Kings (Apple II)
    • Planetfall (Many)
    • Conquiering Worlds (Apple II)
    • Oil's Well (Apple/Atari/C64/Coleco)

    [*]Reader Input Device

    [*]Game Ratings

Notable Stuff:

  • Cover price drops from $3.00 to $2.95. Odd...
  • The reference to Psalm 9:1-2 appears on the masthead.
  • Once again, is there anything Jon Freeman likes about the computer gaming industry? Anything at all? Seriously, this guy makes every Negative Nellie in the world look like Annie by contrast. Can we send him to his happy place for a while?
  • Need an article reprint from an out-of-print back-issue? Send in a buck with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and we'll be happy to send you a photocopy.
  • One of the responses to a letter writer explains that TSR Hobbies, Inc. released three computer games in 1983 before taking a short break from software. For $500, can you name those three titles? "What are Dungeon!, Theseus and the Minotaur, and Dawn Patrol, Alex."
  • Why not pick up your own copy of The Naked Computer A layperson's almanac of computer lore, wizardry, personalities, memorabilia, world records, mind blowers, and tomfoolery today?
  • The robots submitted to the RobotWar tournament are available on disk for $15, in case you want to try them out yourself.
  • Scorpia's old mailbox got shut down, so she's opened a new one. Sorry if your letter got bounced back!

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    Title: Computer Gaming World Issue 15
    Month: April/May
    Year: 1984
    Publisher: Ziff Davis Media
    Editor: Russell Sipe
    Pages: 52
    Price: $2.95
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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