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Computer Gaming World Issue 40

ISSUE: 40Content

Special Wargaming Issue


  • Russia: The Great War in the East 1941 - 1945 (M. Evan Brooks takes great delight in playing 'one of the more interesting computer games released in recent memory')
  • Ultima V and Wizardry IV: A Foreshadowing of Jewels in a Fantasy Arcane (When two of the most eagerly-awaited FRPG titles in history arrive on the market at the same time, what's a gamer to do? Wyatt Lee has the answer: buy 'em both, of course!)
  • Outfoxed in the Desert: Simulations Canada's Rommel At Gazala (Johnny L. Wilson's review of this WWII Afrika Corps sim)
  • Scorpion's Tale: The Lurking Horror (Scorpia helps you conquer Infocom's latest H.P. Lovecraft-meets-Stephen King homage by providing some Cliffs' Notes-style assistance for those having trouble passing Alchemy at G.U.E Tech)
  • E.O.S.: Earth Orbit Stations (Gregg Williams reviews the latest space sim from EA, which is less 'Star Trek' and more 'First Contact' in its approach to humanity's travel to the stars)
  • Guderian (William H. Harrington reviews another Eastern Front game, this time one simulating Germany's push into Smolensk in 1941)
  • Rebel Charge At Chickamauga (Latest in SSI's Civil War-era sim series. M. Evan Brooks reviews and offers strategies that will help you change the tides of history)
  • The Best Educational Games of 1987 (Bob Proctor doles out the accolades to help you determine which edutainment titles belong in your home/school library in a variety of categories and grade levels)
  • The Name Game (Sierra, Microprose, Broderbund...what's in a name? And more importantly, why was that name chosen? Johnny Wilson delves into the history of software corporations and the reasons behind their choice of moniker)
  • Sports Scorecard (Rick Teverbaugh reviews Epix's California Games and Street Sports Baseball)
  • The Eternal Dagger (Scorpia rates and reviews this sequel to Wizard's Crown)
  • Goodbye "G" Ratings II (The second part of John Williams' article about adult software entertainment looks at the reactions of the public and the industry itself to the more 'mature' titles coming to market)


  • Taking a Peek:
    • Battle Command (C64/C128)
    • NBA (Apple II/C64/IBM)
    • Millionaire II (Apple II)
    • On the Campaign Trail (IBM)
    • Alternate Reality - The Dungeon (C64)
    • Video Title Shop (Apple/Atari 800/C64)
    • Graphics Companion (Apple/Atari 800/C64)
    • The Guild of Thieves (Amiga/ST/Apple II/Atari/C64/IBM/Mac)
    • Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It (Apple II/C64/Amiga/IBM/Mac/ST)
    • Plundered Hearts (Apple II/C64/Amiga/IBM/Mac/ST)
    • Empire (IBM/ST/Amiga)
    • Borodino: 1812 (Atari/C64)
    • Battle Ground (IBM)
    • Facing the Empire (IBM)
    • Bop'N Rumble (C64)
    • Alien Fires 2199 AD (Amiga)
    • Master Ninja: Shadow Warrior of Death (IBM)
    • Family Feud (Apple/C64/IBM)
    • Jeopardy! (Apple/C64/IBM)
    • Wheel of Fortune (Apple/C64/IBM)
    • Battles In Normandy (Apple/C64)
    • Roadwar Europa (Apple/C64/IBM)

    [*]Letters From Paradise

    [*]Reader Input Device

    [*]Game Ratings

Notable Stuff:

  • The reference to Psalm 9:1-2 appears on the masthead.
  • Holy price jump, Batman! The cover price of CGW goes from $2.95 to $3.50 for this issue!
  • Burn notice! In their preview for Wheel of Fortune, CGW writes, "If you've ever wondered whether Pat or Vanna is most important to the show, note that this adaptation kept Vanna and let's [sic] the computer perform Pat's job."
  • Designer Bill Nichols' letter lambasting Evan Brooks' review of Stalingrad Campaign is, I think, the longest single letter I've ever seen published in a magazine anywhere, taking up a total of three full columns over the span of two pages. Yikes!
  • CGW drops the moniker of "The Journal of Computer Gaming" off the cover starting with this issue.

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    Title: Computer Gaming World Issue 40
    Month: October
    Year: 1987
    Publisher: Ziff Davis Media
    Editor: Russell Sipe
    Pages: 66
    Price: $3.50
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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