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Computer Gaming World Issue 7

ISSUE: 7Content


  • From the Editor (It's our one-year anniversary. Our gift to you: another new column!)
  • Inside the Industry (Wow, those game companies are releasing a lot of software, aren't they? Dana Lombardi breaks down the numbers.)
  • Letters (Roe Adams' article on software piracy stirs up the pot a bit, prompting a real-life philosophy professor to weigh in on the issue)
  • Taking A Peek (First looks at software we've received):
    • Alien Garden (Atari 400/800)
    • Fore! (Apple)
    • Escape From Vulcan's Isle (Atari 400/800)
    • Crypt of the Undead (Atari 400/800)
    • King Arthur's Heir (Atari 400/800)
    • Death Race '82 (Apple II)
    • Federation (Apple II)
    • Zero Gravity Pinball (Apple II)
    • Teleport (Apple II)
    • How to Write an Apple Program (Book)
    • How to Write an IBM-PC Program (Book)
    • How to Write a TRS-80 Program (Book)
    • Money Munchers (Apple II)
    • Mars Cars (Apple II)
    • Tharolean Tunnels (Apple II)
    • Kamikaze (Apple II)
    • Klondike 2000 (Apple II)
    • Shuttle Intercept (Apple II)
    • Final Conflict (Apple II)
    • King Cribbage (Apple II)
    • Star Traders (Apple II)
    • Frazzle (Apple II)
    • Know Your Apple (Apple II)
    • Monster Mash (Apple II)
    • Warp Destroyer (Apple II)
    • Picnic Paranoia (Atari)
    • Protector (Atari)
    • Claim Jumper (Atari)
    • Frogger (Atari/Apple)
    • Battle For Normandy (Apple/Atari/TRS-80)
    • S.E.U.I.S. (Apple II)
    • The Cosmic Balance (Apple II)
    • Valley of the Kings (Atari)

    [*]Hobby and Industry News (CGW is moving, among other things)

    [*]The History of a Wargame Design (Gary Grigsby explains the various design decisions that came into play while making SSI's Guadalcanal Campaign)

    [*]The Silicon Cerebrum (Bruce Webster apologizes for missing last month's deadline, then dives right back into AI with examples of a Bayes Decision Table)

    [*]Real World Gaming (Dan Bunten explains how discrete probabilities take away some of the reality inherent in computer simulations)

    [*]Japanese Strategy in Guadalcanal Campaign (If you're going to crush the Allies like a little bug, Stephen van Osdell has a few tricks up his sleeve to make your life easier)

    [*]Four For the Atari (Allen Doum shares his thoughts on Attack at EP-CYG4, Hockey, Soccer, and Shamus)

    [*]Eastern Front: Scenario Options (Tired of playing the vanilla campaign? Let Ian Chadwick show you how to set up an entirely new scenario with a little help from his friends...)

    [*]Microcomputer Mathemagic (Dr. Michael W. Ecker shares his love of recreational mathematics with readers in this new column)

    [*]CyTron Masters For The Atari: Conversion or Update? (Dan Bunten explains why the Atari version is so much better than the original Apple release)

    [*]Route 80: The Road to TRS-80 Gaming (Dick McGrath continues on his epic journey to provide TRS-80 owners with even more fun!)

    [*]BUNGO PETE and THE WOUNDED BEAR: Two New Scenarios for Torpedo Fire (Bob Proctor writes two scenarios that will have even experienced players on the edge of their seats)

    [*]Beyond Sargon II: Scenarios For Chess (New board layouts, rule changes, and other ways to violate the Official Rules of Chess while still having a blast, courtesy of Roger J. Cooper)

    [*]Writing For Computer Gaming World (What do we want? What do we pay? How do you submit?)

    [*]Reader Input Device #5 (also the results of R.I.D. #4)


  • Star Maze (Apple II)
  • Legionnaire (Atari)
  • Andromeda Quest: Strategies and Rule Modifications (Multi)
  • Crazy Mazey (Apple II)
  • Lazermaze (Apple II)
  • SeaFox (Atari 400/800/Apple II)
  • Computer Foreign Exchange (TRS-80)

Notable Stuff:

  • The Psalm 9:1-2 reference appears on the masthead.
  • Six months into 1982 and Adventure International has already released 38 titles. They're the Big Fish Games of their day.
  • The "Initial Comments" column undergoes a name change this issue to "Taking A Peek". The story's the same, only the name has been changed to protect the innocent.
  • S.E.U.I.S. is an anagram for "Shoot 'Em Up In Space".
  • Whoops! We referred to "United Microware Industries" as "United Microwave Industries" last issue... :)
  • Get to the 16th level in Star Maze, provide a map that proves you got there, and you could win $100-worth of Sir-Tech products in this issue's contest.
  • Also, the second RobotWar tourney is underway. Get those battle 'bots coded and entered!
  • This Reader Input Device comes in the form of a business reply card insert, so you don't have to photocopy/slice up your magazine anymore.

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    Title: Computer Gaming World Issue 7
    Month: November/December
    Year: 1982
    Publisher: Ziff Davis Media
    Editor: Russell Sipe
    Pages: 52
    Price: $2.75
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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