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Electronic Games LC2 Issue 18

ISSUE: 18Content


  • Atari Jaguar
  • Sega Genesis
  • Sega CD
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Nintendo Game Boy
  • MS-DOS
  • arcade


(TOC transcription follows, with (notes) and bullet lists added for clarity)

(EG receives a graphical overhaul this issue (new interior look with new logo designs, minor department title changes, etc). The editorial content, however, largely remains the same. The magazine's game review sections now include running sidebars with each and every review, and this issue includes the first appearance of JJ Barrel's 'Whispers from Pavilion X' sidebar (think EGM's Quartermann).)


Pros Who Play Games

Some professional players who just can't get enough action on the field or court look to video sports games for some friendly competition that won't cause any season-ending injuries. ('Playing With The Pros - Athletes Work Out with Electronic Games;' photo Gallery)

CES Express

Our editors are back from the Winter CES, and they've got the inside information on all the latest video and computer titles that wowed the crowds in Las Vegas. ('Direct From Las Vegas... EG Pick the Hits!' by the Editors of Electronic Games; includes running series of 'Best...' sidebars (Video Game, Computer Game, PC Multimedia Game, Flight Simulator, Windows Game, Puzzle Game) and 'Whispers from Pavilion X' sidebar)

State of the Art: Genesis

Check out this incredible 10-page section that details the very best in Genesis games in all categories. (by the Editors of Electronic Games)

EG Interview - Ken Tarolla

The brains behind Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective. ('EG Interview: The Mind Behind the Mastermind - An interview with Sherlock Holmes Designer Ken Tarolla' by Ed Dille)

The Imagination Network

Sierra On-Line's new modem network uncovered. ('Go On-Line With Imagination' by Russ Ceccola)

Home Improvement

Grab your crescent wrench and your 5/8 socket! Tim Allen now stars in his own video game, and hardware is the hero! ('Home Improvement: A look at Absolute's take on the hit sitcom.' by Russ Ceccola)

Brutal Island

An inside look at the hot new fighting game on the Sega CD, and a peek behind the scenes of the game's production. ('Brutal Beasts Battle for the Belt of Heaven - EG previews Brutal: Paws of Fury' by Laurie Yates; includes 'What makes Brutal special?' sidebar)

Puzzling it Out

EG continues its in-depth look at the latest and best puzzle games for those who want a different type of challenge. (by Ed Dille)

EG Picks the WCES Hardware Hits: The Best Controllers and Accessories on the Gaming Horizon (by the Editors of Electronic Games; this article is not listed in this issue's TOC)


Power On! - Consumer Electronics Show: The Aftermath (editorial by Arnie Katz)

Feedback (reader letters column)

Hotline (Compiled by Joyce Worley & Ross Chamberlain; news section)

  • AT&T Gives Genesis an Edge
  • Apple Makes Gameware
  • Broderbund Signs Affiliates
  • Acclaim Demos Technology
  • 3DO Issues Rating System
  • Flight Sim Sets Sales Record
  • EG Readers' Popularity Poll
  • Philips, MGM Sign CD-i Pact
  • Sega CD Hits a Million
  • Triax Stick Tailors Play
  • AT&T Readies 3DO Players
  • Support Grows For Jaguar
  • Accolade Fields Sports Label
  • Top Software December 1993
  • VideoFreedom Censors Play
  • Top Video Games Dec. 13, 1993
  • Crystal Dynamics Visits Saturn
  • Blue Force - Starring You!
  • Playmate Shows First Carts
  • Sierra Gears Up
  • MCA Forms Game Unit

Insert Coin ('Insert Coin Here;' arcade coverage)

  • Good Design and a Strong Storyline Help Keep the Arcades Afloat. (by Jay Carter)
  • Street Fighters Go RPG! Capcom brings D&D to the Arcades (by Bill Kunkel)

Game Doctor - The Good Doctor Takes a Dive to Find the Truth about Water World! (Q&A)

The Jury (reader-submitted game reviews recurring contest; includes 'Review a Game in EG's Monthly Contest!' sidebar)

  • Mortal Kombat (SNES/Gen/portables; winning review by Antonio & Alfonso De Pasquale, runner-up review by Reynard Moore)

Playing It Smart - A New Crop of Smart Games to Help Expand Your Horizons. (by Joyce Worley; edutainment coverage)

Video Game Gallery (cart/card video game reviews; each with sidebar featuring trivia, history, strategy, mini-interview, etc (interviews are noted))

  • Choplifter 3 (SNES)
  • Super Pinball: Behind the Mask (SNES)
  • Prince of Persia (Gen; Jordan Mechner interview)
  • Turn & Burn: No Fly Zone (SNES Dan Kitchen (Executive Vice President of Creative Development) interview)
  • Side Pocket (SNES)
  • Mega Turrican (Gen; David Hoffman (New Product Planning) interview)
  • Championship World Class Soccer (SNES)

Software Gallery (disk computer game reviews; each with sidebar featuring trivia, history, strategy, mini-interview, etc (interviews are noted))

  • Sam & Max Hit the Road (DOS; Sean Clark (Designer) interview)
  • CyberRace (DOS; Syd Mead interview)
  • Heirs to the Throne (DOS)
  • Command Adventures: Starship (DOS)
  • Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out (DOS; Al Lowe interview)
  • Unnatural Selection (DOS)
  • Isle of the Dead (DOS; Bryan Kelsch (programmer) interview)

Multimedia Gallery (CD-ROM computer and video game reviews; each with sidebar featuring trivia, history, strategy, mini-interview, etc (interviews are noted))

  • World of Xeen (PCCD)
  • Man Enough (PCCD; Kevin Foster (designer) and Don Soper (producer) interview)
  • Microcosm (SCD)

Portable Playtime (portable game reviews; each with sidebar featuring trivia, history, strategy, mini-interview, etc (interviews are noted))

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (GB)

The Kunkel Report - CES & the Big What If-? (by Bill Kunkel)

Test Lab - Atari Roars Back to Life - Jaguar is the Newest Predator in the Video Game Jungle (by Ed Dille; Atari Jaguar system review)

Lore - The 7th Guest and Those Brawlin' Battletoads Offer Some Hints. (book reviews)

  • Battletoads: The Official Battlebook
  • The 7th Guest: The Official Strategy Guide

The EG Poll (reader poll)

Things to Come (next issue)


(TOC cover credits/fine print:)

About the art - We at EG would like to thank the following artists for their contributions to this issue:

DC comics, MTV, and Paramount pictures for the use of the graphics on this cover.

Cliff Sphon for the EG interview art.

While sitting here, scribing the March issue of EG, thoughts of spring come to mind. March will of course herald the coming of the season of life. Trees will don new mantals of leaves, flowers will bloom and the birds will return from their winter vacations. And while I consider those happy thoughts, the thermometer outside reads -22. Somebody wake me in June.

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    Title: Electronic Games LC2 Issue 18
    Month: March
    Year: 1994
    Publisher: Decker Publications
    Editor: Arnie Katz
    Pages: 100
    Price: $3.95 USA, $4.95 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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